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Carolyn Goes Shopping For Fitness Clothing As If I Don’t Have Enough Already.

There’s a solid title.

Being that I work in ALL things fitness-y and work out a lot, I enjoy wearing fitness clothing basically exclusively. Which is just the best. Tonight, I decided to check out a local watering clothing hole and try some shit on.

Wackiness ensues.

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Man shopping with Husband Graeme.

Being that it’s mine and Husband Graeme’s two year wedding anniversary, I thought I would write about a time when Graeme tried to do man shopping, and failed miserably. I am the best wife.

I know there are very capable men out there who can shop like a pro. They don’t need second opinions, guidance, or a step by step guide on how to shop. Graeme is not one of those people.

For those of you who actually know him, you aren’t shocked by this information.

This is the tale of Graeme Buys Shoes.

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