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America – FUCK YEAH

I know what you’re ALL thinking, “oh my God a Monday has passed and Lady Dicks here forgot to do a Motivational Mondays with Jess segment!” and first of all, how dare you. Maybe I didn’t forget, maybe I was too busy, maybe I was dying, you don’t know me. Secondly, yes, I totally did forget until about 9:59pm last night and thought to myself ugh, I could get up and do it, but….laying down watching The Mighty Boosh is infinitely more appealing. And so, we move on.

Yesterday, my friend Nick wrote something about America that I found myself nodding to every word he wrote. Then I promptly told him I wanted to steal what he said and blog it, to which he foolishly agreed.

Enjoy. Or don’t. I don’t give a shit.

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Popular TV comedies I don’t give a shit about.

Everyone’s taste in TV comedies is different. My distaste of extremely popular TV show comedies is apparently crazy. If you haven’t seen any of these shows and are questioning whether you should check them out or not, don’t listen to my advice. I’ve been told how wrong my opinion is on the following.

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Donald Trump are words good.

This is my first post dedicated to America’s fearless piece of shit leader, Donald Trump. I absolutely do not know how to hold back when it comes to talking about him and I know for a fact that I’d be beaten to a pulp at a Trump rally because that’s…just what happens at those rallies when you aren’t in complete agreeance with all the other idiot goddamn supporters. THANK GOD I’M WHITE, STRAIGHT, AND PRIVILEGED, M I RITE?

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Book review: Wingéd by Colleen Houser.

This is my first book review, EVER. I somewhat keep up with my goodreads account, but I tend to forget about it a lot and I never review anything on there. When someone asks my opinion on a book they know I’ve read, it’s usually followed by me saying “It was good!” or “It was shit!” and that…..about sums it up. BUT LET’S DO THIS. I WILL TRY TO USE MORE WORDS.

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I’m a pasta-holic: Chianti Cafe & Restaurant review.

You know what’s really good? Pasta. I could eat pasta every day. I created an entire album on Facebook dedicated to me eating my way through Italy when husband Graeme and I were there. My favourite pasta restaurant in Edmonton is located in the heart of Old Strathcona and is called Chianti Cafe & Restaurant. It’s also known as Chianti’s, and if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, I would suggest shoving your face full of their food.

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March Madness: A tale of unintentional sexism.

As you ALL know, it’s March Madness up in here. It’s the one time a year I actually give a shit about basketball. College b-ball is a ton of fun to watch. The games are not as long and it’s more of a team sport than the NBA. Not to mention, it’s like the players LIVES are on the line.

Apparently if you’re a female though, you get left out of the March Madness talk.

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