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Contouring Vlog – Epic Fail

Jesus Christ.

My friend Jess and I have been chatting about contouring videos a lot lately and how mind blowing it is that you can paint your face and look the bomb dot com. It’s honestly shocking. There are a lot of contouring mistakes out there that make me laugh a lot BUT I thought I would fucking join in on the fails because let’s be real, I AIN’T GONNA BE GOOD AT CONTOURING.

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FabFitFun – A review of awesomeness.

Good morning my beautiful kittens, how are we all doing today? Good? Terrible? Doesn’t matterĀ because I feel fabulous and wonderful and happy and everything is about me. Now that I’ve insulted everyone and come off as a douche canoe, I’m here to absolutely GUSH over FabFitFun.

If you have no idea what this is, strap in my lovelies and BECOME AWARE.

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How to coconut oil your face & life.

If you’re like me, you’ve had acne on and off (mostly on) for most of your life. You drew the short end of the beauty stick and had to explore every avenue of cheap to expensive acne remedies only to have every single one of them fail you, much like everything else in your life!

Then one day, my fabulous friend Becky introduced me to coconut oil and my life had changed BASICALLY immediately. She practically invented it. (She told me to say that.) I realize I am very behind on talking about coconut oil but fuck you. I’m here now.

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