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Herbologie: A review on herbs!

My friend Agnes created her own business called Herbologie, which is exactly what it sounds like: the study of herbs and botanicals. Something I know almost nothing about other than it makes my food taste yummier than without. But I don’t know the benefits behind them, where they come from, how to grow them, nor do I know ALL of herbs. Oregano’s a herb right? Much like the hot sauce commercial, I put that shit on everything.

Enter Herbologie!

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A review! Xtend Barre in Old Strathcona.

“We’re almost done, I promise!” – empty promises held by fitness instructors.

And yet, I still believe them. Don’t we all? This is my review of the relatively new business here in YEG called Xtend Barre. Come with me now on this magical journey in which I cannot feel my legs today, but damn is it a good pain.

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You spin me right round.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a spin class at the relatively new spin studio in Edmonton called YEG Cycle. I had been to spin classes before and thoroughly enjoyed them once I mastered the ability to not have a broken you know what the next day. Naturally, I sauntered into the class like I was a pro at this to only find that I know nothing of the world.

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A brief conversation I had with a cookie.

It was decided on New Years that I was going to lose some weight for when I go to Europe in June. It’s always nice to have goals, right? Not that I complete most of them, or…any…of them, but according to other people, it’s nice to look back on the year and see how far you’ve progressed. I guess in my case, it’s always nice to look back on the year of uncompleted resolutions. And then make new ones! The cycle continues!

Life is a revolving door of failures when you’re fresh out of fucks to give but full of cookies to eat.

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