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Carolyn watches Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Woooooooooooooo no more shitty fucking Star Wars! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me. Revenge of the Sith did not redeem the two previous garbage movies so here’s hoping The Force Awakens isn’t wildly disappointing. I’m going in with pretty high expectations which isn’t good. I mean, obviously it has to be better than the trash previously released.

Let’s get to it.

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Donald Trump are words good.

This is my first post dedicated to America’s fearless piece of shit leader, Donald Trump. I absolutely do not know how to hold back when it comes to talking about him and I know for a fact that I’d be beaten to a pulp at a Trump rally because that’s…just what happens at those rallies when you aren’t in complete agreeance with all the other idiot goddamn supporters. THANK GOD I’M WHITE, STRAIGHT, AND PRIVILEGED, M I RITE?

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Book review: Wingéd by Colleen Houser.

This is my first book review, EVER. I somewhat keep up with my goodreads account, but I tend to forget about it a lot and I never review anything on there. When someone asks my opinion on a book they know I’ve read, it’s usually followed by me saying “It was good!” or “It was shit!” and that…..about sums it up. BUT LET’S DO THIS. I WILL TRY TO USE MORE WORDS.

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Choose what Carolyn watches next.

WELL, now that I’m done my shitty reviews of Harry Potter, and oh what a lovely 8 weeks it was, I need a new movie series to watch. Specifically one that I give zero fucks about because maybe it will have the Fred Weasley affect on me and I will fall in love with it.

But instead of just deciding what’s next on my own, I’m giving everyone else the opportunity to choose what I should torture myself with.

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