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The banning of Pit bulls in Montreal.

The recent ban on pit bulls in Montreal has caused an uproar across Canada. Many people are for the new law, but way more people are against it. I’m under the assumption that there are more people against the law because, you know, it’s bullshit.

First of all, saying you’re going to ban “pit bulls” is extremely vague. What you’re banning, I assume?, is the bully breed. Here is a list of bully breeds. Sorry literally everyone I know, YOUR DOG BANNED IN MONTREAL.

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Babysitting a foster dog.

Well…I’m babysitting for a couple hours. So not…really. My boss brought her foster dog into work today. She’s trying to find a home for him but secretly she wants to keep him herself, let’s be real. Being that it’s zero percent busy at work because CHRISTMAS, she brought Deuce in because he’s super chill and won’t cause problems while here.

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