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Embrace your body.

Tonight, Xtend Barre hosted a Ladies Night moving screening of the 2016 documentary Embrace.¬†If you haven’t seen it or heard of it before, you need to watch it. This goes for both males and females. Taryn Brumfitt¬†goes on a self love journey around the world talking to women about body image and how female bodies are portrayed in the media.

I really didn’t think I’d want/feel the need to blog about it BUT HERE WE ARE.

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A brief conversation I had with a cookie.

It was decided on New Years that I was going to lose some weight for when I go to Europe in June. It’s always nice to have goals, right? Not that I complete most of them, or…any…of them, but according to other people, it’s nice to look back on the year and see how far you’ve progressed. I guess in my case, it’s always nice to look back on the year of uncompleted¬†resolutions. And then make new ones! The cycle continues!

Life is a revolving door of failures when you’re fresh out of fucks to give but full of cookies to eat.

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