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Bucket List update: Attend Wimbledon.

Okay so technically it says on my Bucket List that I want to attend one of the Grand Slams, but in my opinion and probably most others, Wimbledon is the creme de la creme of Grand Slams. But I figured I’d never attend such a prestigious event because

  1. Money. I lack it.
  2. …..wait, no, that’s it.


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Bucket List update: Going to EURO2016.

As you have totally noticed because you guys keep up with my blog AROUND THE CLOCK (bless you), you saw that I updated my bucket list. I keep one of these bad boys because it’s fun to cross shit off once you complete it. Which is weird because I’m not a ‘list’ person. Lists give me no pleasure because it implies that I’m organized, or fake being organized. But a bucket list is less about being organized and more about yolo experiences. Y’know, unless you count doing grocery shopping an experience, which if you shop at Costco on a Sunday, it can be.

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How to not blog while you travel.

There are a million travel blogs out there and I always wanted to be one of them. But because I found having one single niche was really hard to keep up with when you aren’t traveling continuously, I gave up on that and became a nicheless blog. I don’t need you, niche. You’re not my real mom. As you’ve noticed (or not because you don’t give a shit) I haven’t written in about a month. That’s because I was in Europe! I had this fabulous plan of sitting in cafes on my lap top and writing about the amazingness that is traveling whilst traveling but instead, I ignored my blog.

So here is a tiny step by step guide on how to suck ass at writing a blog. Which I just spelled ‘blug’. Really, that’s what this is. A blug.

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Canadian things vs American things.

As a constant travelling Canadian, I’ve been to America a million times and it never ceases to amaze me how my Canadianism keeps getting in the way. Like, not knowing how things work, being overly nice to strangers and not wanting to give up my credit card.

I can’t help but be a friendly goddamn person, but you never really realize how friendly Canadians can be until you take them out of their habitat and unleash them into the world.



Here are a few examples of how not American I was in Seattle this past weekend.

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In which I split my pants and met Mark Messier.

Well, I’m home from Seattle and still sick as a dog. Thankfully, whilst I was away, my sickness decided to pretty much vanish. Seattle was absolutely fantastic and I’m going to break it down in a few blog posts. The first post being about the second I stepped into the goddamn airport. Seriously, never travel with me as I am a nightmare human. But on the plus side, traveling with me could mean meeting one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

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