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Here are people who shouldn’t be allowed to hike.

Now that hiking season is over for me (what up snow in the mountains, I don’t want to be in you), it’s time for me to rant about people who hike. We did a bunch of hiking this year and saw a lot of interesting hikers wearing interesting garments.

I’m definitely not an expert in hiking, not by a long shot, but I do have something called common sense that a lot of people on the mountain apparently don’t seem to have. And okay, so hiking common sense is a thing that isn’t expected among humans, but before you go for a hike, maybe enter into the google box ‘hiking for dummies’ or ‘preparing for a hike’ or ‘hiking: are flip flops a thing I should wear?’

Which is a solid segue into person number one who should not be allowed to hike.

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30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.

I love when my friends give me assignments. Being that I’m 29, this is pretty suitable. I was told to rip this shit apart. 30 Things Every Woman Should Know and Have. Sure, tell me more about what I should and shouldn’t know, stranger. I thought to myself, Christ, with that title, this should be good. I read the first two points and thought “meh, I guess, whatever” and then the third point struck the cord of Yes, I Will In Fact Blog About This.

Let’s get on with it!

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The banning of Pit bulls in Montreal.

The recent ban on pit bulls in Montreal has caused an uproar across Canada. Many people are for the new law, but way more people are against it. I’m under the assumption that there are more people against the law because, you know, it’s bullshit.

First of all, saying you’re going to ban “pit bulls” is extremely vague. What you’re banning, I assume?, is the bully breed. Here is a list of bully breeds. Sorry literally everyone I know, YOUR DOG BANNED IN MONTREAL.

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Gym etiquette: Couples who fight.

Well this seems to be a new segment I’m doing on my blog since people, you know, suck. Couples working out together can either be amazing or a really REALLY bad idea. I have worked out with Husband Graeme twice which has been fine because we do our own thing. If he were telling me what to do, telling me I was doing something wrong, and pushing me to work harder, we would still be fine. You know why? Because constructive criticism is good!

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