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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 2. THE FINALE.

Actual review of the entire series at the bottom.

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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.

Harry Potter time! Naturally, the final movie had to be split into two movies. Classic. Classic move, movie industry. I have no qualms about it because part of the the love of my life, The Hobbit, is only about 300 pages and was put into three movies stretched over three years and were roughly 3 hours each. And you know why? Because money. And who doesn’t want to see Gandalf for another three years? Crazy people. You know who didn’t kill off their beloved wizard in a horrible way, Rowling? Tolkien. That’s who. Okay fine, so Saruman went evil and we had him killed off in a Tumbledoring way….

Welp, this is my stop to hop off the ol’ tangent train.

You do you Harry Potter.

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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 6.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Oooo it’s starting off so dark. This is promising.

Oh yeah. I keep forgetting this is like, in Modern Human Land and not some kind of Middle Earth of Harry Potter.

This whole bridge collapsing situation is actually a major fear of mine.

How old is Harry now. Like, are you old enough to be asking people on dates. Should you be out unsupervised?

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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 5.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry got a haircut, thank the Dark Lord.

HAHA HAHAHA Oh my god, his cousins¬†fucking clothes. You don’t get to be a bully wearing that, you get to be bullied.¬†

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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 4.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Fuck, I just remembered David Tennant was in the 4th movie. When does he come out to play?!?!

Snakes are cool. Especially when they eat things. What a ridiculous existence.

Yay, a new character. Can’t wait for you to die and/or leave at the end.

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Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 3.

Well, I have high hopes for this movie. Everyone has been telling me this is when shit turns around and starts being awesome. But also, if I haven’t read the books, which I haven’t, I might lose a lot of the character development as it’s not overly portrayed in the movies. Which sucks, I’m all about character development. Makes it much more sad when they inevitably break your heart by dying. I’m looking at you Walking Dead.

Anyways, I know a lot of my friends say this is their favourite book. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint on screen.

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