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Craft Beerfest: A drunken review.

Last night, we went to Beerfest, the Craft Beer Festival for some crafty beers in a festival setting. Definitely a place that hasn’t helped me in proper sentence writing. I had planned on only having a couple tasters because having more than 2 pints of beer is a hard pass on my gluten disliking stomach.

Yeah, I…absolutely stuck to that….

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Ever been to a fashion show before? Me neither!

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the 25th season of  Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW) with my friend Aga, owner of Herbologie. I thought to myself, “yes, I will go to this and blog about all the fashion things!” only to realize, I know nothing about fashion. I love fashion, it’s the number one thing I pin on Pinterest which makes me basically a veteran in the Fashion World, right? I love Project Runway, especially the junior edition because it’s fun to see children cry work hard at something they truly love and talk about how they don’t know who David Bowie is.

So, I thought I would write about some tips about going to a fashion show!

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Herbologie: A review on herbs!

My friend Agnes created her own business called Herbologie, which is exactly what it sounds like: the study of herbs and botanicals. Something I know almost nothing about other than it makes my food taste yummier than without. But I don’t know the benefits behind them, where they come from, how to grow them, nor do I know ALL of herbs. Oregano’s a herb right? Much like the hot sauce commercial, I put that shit on everything.

Enter Herbologie!

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A review of a new bakery: La Boule.

Apparently at the beginning of December, a new bakery called La Boule opened up round the corner from where I live and I didn’t notice until a week ago. Naturally, I needed to go check it out because FOOD. Not just food, but food that was close to me. Food that was close to me and delicious.

To sum up, I like food.

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Shop local at Vacancy Hall: Hideout Distro on 104th.

On November 5th, my friend Rainette and I went to check out a launch party at Vacancy Hall for Hideout Distro. Vacancy Hall is located in the basement of the Mercer Warehouse on 104th downtown. If you haven’t been to Vacancy Hall, it’s a very cool venue that hosts local retail shops, artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re all about the shop local lifestyle, this is a place to check out. They are always taking in new local talents to showcase their goods, so you if you’re looking for a spot for your brand, check out their website for more details.

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Sanctuary, a longtime resident in Old Strathcona.

I recently went to Sanctuary, the long standing known-for-all-things-goth store located on Whyte Ave, to write about what they do, who they are, and how they sell everything from capes to Mala Beads to My Little Pony.

Open your mind to the alternative and check it.

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