I like animals more than people and that includes you.

I don’t know what’s in store for this blog, even though I’ve had it for 2 years now, but there will be lots of my own opinions, thoughts, rants, spelling and grammar mistakes, and so on.

I use a lot of foul language and won’t apologize for it because swearing is a way of life. I am a firm believer in people admitting when they’re wrong.

I find myself yelling about the world unless I’m traveling it, which is what you will find here.

I’m a lover of slayers, hobbits, time lords, and zombies.

I really hate filling out a bio.

Ten Things About Me
1) I love British comedy
2) I wish I could always be barefoot
3) I would travel solely for food
4) I hate trucks
5) I am not double jointed at all
6) I haven’t had milk in 2 years
7) I am an extremely emotional person
8) I love cider, sports, and animals
9) I hate being cold
10) My husband and I watched It’s Always Sunny on our wedding night