Contouring Vlog – Epic Fail

Jesus Christ.

My friend Jess and I have been chatting about contouring videos a lot lately and how mind blowing it is that you can paint your face and look the bomb dot com. It’s honestly shocking. There are a lot of contouring mistakes out there that make me laugh a lot BUT I thought I would fucking join in on the fails because let’s be real, I AIN’T GONNA BE GOOD AT CONTOURING.

The thing is, I fucking like makeup. I wear makeup every day and I have a lot of it because it’s goddamn FUN to try different things and play around. But I definitely don’t wear a lot of it. Whenever I get my make up actually done (weddings and the one fashion show I did) I just want to claw it off my face. IT MIGHT LOOK GOOD BUT DAMN.

Makeup artists are GENUINE fucking artists and I am shocked by their ability to makeup constantly. I can’t just pick up a brush and do the same fucking thing.


Side note, doesn’t my hair look fucking cute. Christ.


2 thoughts on “Contouring Vlog – Epic Fail

  1. Nick

    I have an 18 year old daughter who is very into the whole makeup stuff so do kind of have an inkling that “contouring” relates to blending tones on yer face to create highlights & lowlights (I can draw stuff, I understand this shit).
    However… as a cartophile I do tend to see “contours” and think “maps!”
    I am going to watch your video thing and hope that you draw lines all over your face, particularly around your nose because this is a steep change in gradient (generally, for most people, especially me; I am not implying you have a hooge snoz).



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