The best part of my blog.

If you’re a blogger, you can and I would highly recommend doing, the following.

In my stats section, there’s a portion of stats that stem from what people are searching in order to reach my blog. And it’s the greatest thing to ever sort through besides the spam notes, which are getting very repetitive and stale.

I looked up to see exactly what the Search Engine Terms meant and I was told that “google handles well over a million search inquiries. If you’re lucky, a tiny slice of those searches will wind up on your site.” Lucky like a goddamn fox!

So, let’s get on with it and maybe I can break some of them down.

search terms

So these all make sense minus the norman reedus dick pictures. How are you getting to my blog with this search and also are there…any? Asking for a friend.

search terms

www.lady have no hair in haed fuck pic. Cool. I’m officially changing my blog to this.

search terms

www.lady fucking with a cat made me laugh harder than it probably should. Why. dikson sad is also particularly funny. The first thing that pops up when I search dikson sad is a the map of Dickson, Tennessee and suddenly everything makes less sense.


search terms

I’d also like to know who searched my friends name, jess emsley. It actually only takes until page 2 to pull up my blog when you search her name. Interesting.

search terms

Goddammit. So much gold in here. first dick. If someone could search this for me and let me know when my blog pops up, that’d be great. I hope it’s the first thing. 10 things men find unattractive on msn. First of all, MSN?! Is this 2001. Secondly, is there a way to be unattractive on msn?

search terms

People sure do search a lot of “10 things men find unattractive _____” to get to the article I wrote. I completely forgot I wrote about someone sending me dick pics on twitter and then randomly mentioning that snapchat is the best app for dick pics.

Is Pokemon Go a thing still?

search terms


I searched curly hair is unattractive, which fuck you, and came across this goddamn gem.

Please do not search www.lady getting fucked by a 10 year old boy .com. Although…I really want to know where my blog comes up…and why…what blog post…

american beej fuck. There…has to be an explanation for this.

search terms

People sure know I love Norman Reedus. Have I really mentioned him on my blog that much? And not just…HIM in general, but his male organ? Haha, good for me. Could we also not with Hermione nude scenes because she’s like 12. Well okay, she’s not 12 the whole time. SHE AIN’T THAT OLD EITHER.

I also don’t remember the nude scenes…in a children’s movie.
So many things I want to search but shouldn’t.

That’s all I’ve got. The remaining 650ish search terms are private and I can’t look into them. Which is fine. 650 search terms are a lot of Norman Reedus dick pics to go through.


4 Responses

  1. No one reads my blogs, (I keep creating new ones) and as a result no one spams me. I’ll admit to being a bit jealous of you. I have a few music recordings on Soundcloud and several women have shown interest me, but with the blogs, Nada. What is your secret

  2. One of the search results on my blog came up “Man Milking Donkey.” I thought that was a bit disturbing, but you clearly have me beat a million times over. 😛

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