Herbologie: A review on herbs!

My friend Agnes created her own business called Herbologie, which is exactly what it sounds like: the study of herbs and botanicals. Something I know almost nothing about other than it makes my food taste yummier than without. But I don’t know the benefits behind them, where they come from, how to grow them, nor do I know ALL of herbs. Oregano’s a herb right? Much like the hot sauce commercial, I put that shit on everything.

Enter Herbologie!

At Herbologie, you have the option of 3 plans to choose from until February 1st. The prices listed are top notch for what you get. I would definitely recommend signing up for one of these bad boys. In the Shop area, you have storage items for your products. There’s also an option to try a month and/or join in on the Kôfē experience.

I got in on Herbologie’s very first package and was excited to review the product.

What was in the package?

  1. An informative description on the products you’ve received. On the back of it is an awesome drawing done by Leo Mortem.
  2. Instructions and recipes on different ways to use your herbs.Herbologie
  3. And of course, the herbs!

In this package, the theme was Burdock Root. Something I’ve never even heard of. Also included was Cinnamon and Dandelion Root. One in which I didn’t know was edible.

Makin’ Root Beer

One of the recipes is for homemade root beer. It takes about 45 minutes to make and I had all day to do it. I happened to turn it into a 2 hour project and almost burnt the condo down.

Just so you know, boiling water for 45 minutes straight causes it to burn. I mean, it’s basic freaking science. Evaporation is a thing in this world and I am stupid. SO, round two of making root beer began. Boiled my ingredients THEN TURNED IT DOWN TO A SIMMER for the 45 minutes. Bottled it. Refrigerated it. Drank it.

Here’s the thing. I hate root beer. I have never liked root beer. But because Husband Graeme loves root beer, I wanted to try it out.

Husband Graeme doesn’t care for it.
I enjoy it quite a bit. It has a lovely after taste.

Suck it Graeme, this root beer is mine!

herbologieRoot beer making kit….minus the candies.

herbologieWaiting game. Smells yummy though.

herbologieStrainin’ it.

herbologieBottle it. A wild puppy appears.

Makin’ Food

After completing the root beer, I needed to make dinner. I decided on fish, rice, and carrots. I thought to myself: self, you should add some of Herbologie’s herbs to your dinner! So I did. And it was the best decision.

In a pan, I threw in the carrots. I mixed some burdock, dandelion, cinnamon, ginger, Hawaiian black sea salt, and white wine together and threw it onto the carrots. DE-FRICKEN-LISH. Husband Graeme ranted and raved about it. I could not get enough. Ya’ll need those herbs and spices in your life.


herbologieCompleted yums!

That’s the nice thing about herbs; you can do so much with them. I can’t wait to try the other recipes that Herbologie supplied with these herbs. If you’re all about shopping local, this is a new and shiny company to not overlook. Herbologie wants to enrich your already existing daily routine.

I’m excited to see what they have to offer next!



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