Today is my birthday!

Actually, my birthday is in August. BUT IT’S MY BLOG’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!
That’s right kids, this blog was created one year ago today.


    • My Ten Things Men Find Unattractive About Women post went relatively viral and was the catalyst into me starting this blog. I wrote this on a private blogging site that I’ve been part of since 1999 and the friends I’ve made on there really helped push me towards doing a public blog. Thanks to this post, shit got REAL. People think I’m a very angry person because of it, but really, I laughed the entire way through writing it. Much like how I laughed and trolled most of the comments on the article when it was published on Huffington Post. Much like how I do most things in life. Laughing. Except at funerals because that’s mean.
    • Because of the aggressively popular Ten Things post, Huffington Post contacted me asking if I wanted to freelance blog for them. Uh, yeah I do. I haven’t posted anything with them in a while, mostly because my writers block is on point these days. BUT HOPEFULLY IN THE NEW YEAR, I will make a comeback and write about Things.
    • I wrote a piece on the yoga studio I went to for a while, put it on The Twitter, and the fabulous people over at Old Strathcona asked if I would like to be a freelance blogger for them. YEP SIGN ME UP PLEASE! This has been my favourite place to blog as I get to go out into my community, chat with owners about their business and write about them. It’s a ton of fun.

These are the three main accomplishments I have in the year I’ve had this blog and I have to say, they’re pretty fucking boss. Even though I’m continuously trying to convince myself I’m not absolute trash at writing (aside from correct grammar use), I’m extremely proud of myself for putting my shit out into the world. And if you don’t like it, WELP.



So, what’s good for 2017? THAT my friends, is a good question. Because I plan zero percent of my life ever, why the hell would I plan anything for my blog?

    • I think I will do a whole revamp of the blog and make it look more awesomer. Cleanse the shitty shit that was 2016 and start A NEW with 2017.
    • Definitely write more often. It would be a genuine pleasure to get out of this writers block funk. I’ve noticed quite a few blogs I follow have also succumb to Life Outside The Blog/Laziness/Why Can’t I Brain? so I’m glad it’s not just me. Failure for everyone! Sharing is caring! I started watching Star Wars strictly so I had something to freaking write about. Not that I didn’t try implementing a weekly piece on Monday’s but YOU KNOW, I SUCK. It also doesn’t help that Jess, the inspiration for this segment, isn’t 100% unsatisfied with life. So technically, it’s her fault. Your happiness is my kryptonite, woman.
    • Stuff.

Without my kick ass friends here to support and push me into publicly blogging, I would definitely not be doing any of these awesome things mentioned above.

Thank you, you sexy bitches.


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  1. You are sooooo not alone in this. It’s been months since I have posted and it is high time for me to get my ass in gear. Sending you good writing vibes. I’ll be reading!

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