Shop local at Vacancy Hall: Hideout Distro on 104th.

On November 5th, my friend Rainette and I went to check out a launch party at Vacancy Hall for Hideout Distro. Vacancy Hall is located in the basement of the Mercer Warehouse on 104th downtown. If you haven’t been to Vacancy Hall, it’s a very cool venue that hosts local retail shops, artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re all about the shop local lifestyle, this is a place to check out. They are always taking in new local talents to showcase their goods, so you if you’re looking for a spot for your brand, check out their website for more details.

The current tenants here (back on Nov 5th) are Clo’s General Leather Co, Edmonton In A Box, MINBID One Art Gallery & Shop, Shop The Skinny, Apollo Originals and Hideout Distro. This could have changed now since I’m real good at updating the ol’ blog, but if you take a gander at Vacancy Hall’s website, you can see who’s all up in their bizz.

On the 5th, the open house and launch party also included a live band and a live mural painting by local artist, Jill Stanton. Enjoying some brews by Blindman Brewery, we walked around the Hall, shopped, and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Hideout Distro has some of the coolest jewelry from Karma Victoria and Lord Violet that I absolutely need on my body immediately. Because I’m poor as shit, I wasn’t able to purchase any of their jewelry. I did however, invest in a kick ass vintage-y lace somethin’ somethin’.

shop local

Along with jewelry, they sell clothing, bath oils, paintings, mugs, lighting, records, pins, patches, vintage clothing, leather goods, fragrances, bitters, and so much more. There’s something for everyone in this store.

At this event, Hideout Distro wasn’t the only venue open. Apollo Originals, started by two friends Boo and Mattie, is a hat, toque, and clothing movement that started in Nova Scotia and has made its way across Canada. Rainette and I had the joy of meeting and talking with Mattie about the brand and after careful deliberation, Rainette bought a Hawaiian/Summer hat that fit her like a glove.

shop local

If there’s something I love doing, it’s watching an artist do work. Jill Stanton, a Canadian illustrator, muralist, and commix-maker, was creating a piece that was given away at the end of the night to one lucky winner. Drawing a big crowd to her work space during the evening, it astonishes me that artists don’t succumb under pressure. But when you’re good at your job, an audience isn’t daunting.

She absolutely killed it.

shop local
instagram: @jil_pickle

For those of you looking to support local talent here in the YEG, I can’t recommend coming to Vacancy Hall enough. It’s eccentric and cool as a cucumber vibe makes me want to return immediately.

Just another Edmonton gem not a whole lot of people know about.


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