Dear Americans,

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A year ago, when this all started, I laughed along with the rest of you thinking “of course Trump is running for President, classic.” And then he kept on creeping his way up to being more and more popular for “saying things everyone is thinking” which, was and still is insulting as fuck to me. If the day comes where I agree with anything that comes out of his vile mouth, shoot me.

When he won the Republican candidate, I realized that Americans were really taking this fool seriously despite everything.

Watching the debates, I thought to myself, “Hillary has this in the fucking bag” because I didn’t think actual live human beings would sit through them and think he was definitely the best possible person to run America.

Early on last night, while watching the election, I thought “Trump is going to win.” Then I banished those thoughts because there’s no way actual live human beings will allow this to happen.

I could not stay up for the entirety of the election. I woke up to a bunch of texts from my American friend screaming into my phone with how upset she was. I got up, checked twitter, checked Facebook, checked CNN. I needed three confirmations to actually believe that real live human beings allowed this to happen.

The optimist inside me has been squashed to shit. I keep trying, trying so hard, to tell myself “maybe Trump will do some good, maybe things will be okay” and then I remember all the promises he has for the country and my optimism is officially gone.

I cannot believe you people elected Donald. Fucking. Trump. There are hardly any words.

You went from having your first African American President to someone who was endorsed by the KKK and is being praised by them in the news this morning.

Dear Americans,

I am so sad for you.
I am so embarrassed for you.
I am so fucking angry for you.
I am so fucking angry at you.


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  1. I’m just as outraged as you are. This is an appalling thing that’s happened and I’m so ashamed to be a part of this country.

  2. Well, the 50.06% of us who didn’t vote for that inconceivable choice of a candidate (yes, he lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College DO NOT GET ME STARTED) are pissed af too, and we’re sure as hell not going to let that troll get away with his racist mysogynistic shenanigans once he takes office. (But goddamit, l had to apologise my way through eight years of Bush while I was living in Japan, and I am royally cheesed that now I have to start doing it AGAIN #fml)

  3. Welcome to my Brexit world. 🙁

    One positive for the US is that it’s pretty damn sure he’s going to be a one term president: all those promises to “do something” without being terribly specific.
    So it’ll end in 4 years.

    Or nuclear war.

  4. The word “surreal” doesn’t begin to explain how I feel. The FIRST phrase out of my husband’s mouth this morning was a string of profanities and his intentions of arming our household against the newly emboldened extremists. I cried in the shower like a f***ing baby this morning. And instead of the usual “good morning,” a friend wrapped her arms around me while I sat silently at my desk and tried to reassure me that “this will all be OK.” I cried again. I keep thinking this HAS to be some sort of nightmare or joke. I also can’t help but notice how fitting it is that my clothes are too big today. My sleeves are too long and my slacks are too big. This strikes me because I also feel like my voice was tiny and insignificant as I cast my vote against the sea of angry voices yesterday. This is PROOF that bigotry, division, and every sort of -ism possible speaks louder than inclusion, respect, and hope. I can’t say HC has much integrity, but she’s a hell of a better LEADER than the brazen bully my fellow citizens elected yesterday. I am shocked and terrified. I’m also incredibly embarrassed.

  5. Thank you for doing this. I tried all day to write a post, but everything kept coming out all angry and bitter and ready to riot and cussing all those idiots, but then I would realize that I was sounding just like a Trump supporter at one of his hate-crime rallies, and I would erase everything. It’s complete madness and an overwhelming sadness to realize that there are THAT many fucked-up people in our country. Perhaps in a few days I can put together something with some sanity and wit. Right now, I can’t do it, but at least I’ve got your piece to help me stabilize. (And I’m SO seriously thinking about stealing those last 5 lines…)

    1. Steal away, my friend. Steal away.

      It was so hard to form words about this other than my go to basic white girl saying “I can’t even.” I was actually thinking about you yesterday (I hope that’s not…weird) during the day when I was constantly refreshing twitter and the millions of news sources I was reading. Which was both refreshing in a way that it was nice to see everyone come together in their absolute shock and sadness, but also depressing to see how much hate is out there. I hope you and your partner are doing well.

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