When you fail at yoga.

I’ve been doing yoga steadily on and off (which…doesn’t make sense) for about 5 wonderful years. For the past year, it’s been more ON than OFF, which is why failing at a yoga pose you know you can somewhat do is just peachy as hell and definitely not at all a huge bummer.

When I started the yoga 5 years ago, I decided to just get some DVDs and do them at home. Well, unless you know what the hell you’re doing, I don’t suggest this. Go to some classes, get some real instruction and once you feel confident doing it on your own, do it at home! I know yoga can be hella expensive, but I’ve always thought the in-class instruction was better.

As controversial and yoga taboo-y as it is to say, I’m not all about the philosophical or spiritual aspect of yoga. I do enjoy ending a session with a hot minute of meditation because it’s nice to calm the mind, but after doing yoga for years, I’ve finally come to the point where I enjoy doing it as a form of exercise, not a lifestyle. Which is why Tara Stiles is my jam. If you’re looking to do yoga but don’t want to learn about chakras, aren’t about the chanting and just want to do it for fitness, she’s your girl.


I’m back to doing yoga at home after a year at Sattva. It’s a great studio and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to find a deeper connection with yoga. Currently, I’m working on inversions because, well, they’re just fun.


Now that I’m kicking ass and taking names at different variations of headstands, I’m moving forward with handstands and scorpion poses. I’ve been trying to get up into a handstand and hold it for longer than 0.3 seconds, but it’s a slow ass process.

I mean, it took me a year to finally hold a headstand so this isn’t going to happen overnight.

Last night, I thought OKAY TIME TO SCORPION. Being that my arms are the weakest link on my body, it came with some hilarious and unfortunate consequences. The first couple of attempts were met with getting one leg up and the other leg not coming close to it. My last attempt, one I really thought through for a bit before doing it, ended up with me falling immediately onto my face and breaking my glasses.



This is such a Carolyn thing to do. The best/worst part is not 5 minutes earlier, I thought to myself “man, my face is real close to the ground….I should put in my contacts…” 

Which is ironic because I can’t see shit without my glasses.

Thankfully, I have a thousand (just two) pairs of glasses at home to choose from.

Practice makes perfect and contacts are key when you suck.


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  1. I’ve always been curious about yoga, but the closest I’ve ever come to it is when I’ve walked past rooms where OTHER people are doing it. By the way, who the hell is taking these pictures? Have you trained small woodland creatures?

    1. Haha, people are always so interested in how I get these pictures. Has no one ever heard of a self timer? Not that I actually use one, no. Instead I take a video and screenshot the pose. Boom, easy.

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