Motivational Mondays with Jess: Sunset.

So it’s almost been a full 2 weeks since I’ve last written in here and I’m not even sorry. I could make the excuse that I’ve been busy or that I’ve been sick or I have been dealing with issues at home, but I can’t because none of these things are true.

I’m not busy – I go to the gym, I watch Doctor Who, I cry myself into a coma from The Walking Dead, I go out for beer. Let’s be real, it’s not like I’m doing anything that is getting in the way from writing.

I’m not sick – I mean, I was sick for a day. I had a solid Monday night last week in which I did not sleep past 2:30am. And usually when I say “I barely slept last night” it means I kept waking up every half hour but would still get a BIT of a BREAK. No no, I was WIDE AWAKE HANGING OUT BY MYSELF doing SFA for damn hours. Then I decided to go to the gym at 4:30am because WHY NOT. Turns out, our gym doesn’t open until 5:00am. My life is terrible.

I’m not dealing with issues at home –┬áHusband Graeme isn’t garbage.

So what’s the deal with the big lapse in writing? I just don’t…feel like writing. Nothing exciting/funny/blog worthy has come up. I have a few things on the go, but nothing yet. And because I pride on this blog being niche-less, I don’t feel like I need to meet any blog ……….stuff. I have been sitting here for 2 minutes thinking of the appropriate word to place after “blog” and came up with stuff. Stuff is not the right word but I think it sums up this entire post.

My mind is on point at all times.

It was decided when I started this blog that I would not force myself to write just because I should. I would write when I felt like it. So, you know, deal with it.

Without further ado, which I just spelled as ‘adu’, here is today’s Motivational Mondays with Jess. It really captures the essence of how I’m feeling with blogging currently.

And with Mondays in general, really.



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  1. I have also taken a 2 week break, a) work is busy, b) I’ve been on holiday and c) nothing popped into my head to write about. However, your blogs make me realise there are others out there thinking the same – and I love them. Enough sycophancy. Keep blogging m’lady.

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