The banning of Pit bulls in Montreal.

The recent ban on pit bulls in Montreal has caused an uproar across Canada. Many people are for the new law, but way more people are against it. I’m under the assumption that there are more people against the law because, you know, it’s bullshit.

First of all, saying you’re going to ban “pit bulls” is extremely vague. What you’re banning, I assume?, is the bully breed. Here is a list of bully breeds. Sorry literally everyone I know, YOUR DOG BANNED IN MONTREAL.

I puppy sit for my bosses American Staffordshire Terrier, Deuce, who she adopted from a local pet shelter. The shelter rescued him from San Bernardino where we think he had a pretty rough upbringing as the condition he’s in tells us so. He has a bum hip, isn’t allowed to gain weight, is missing a bunch of his teeth, has bumps on his chest, and I would say has abandonment issues.

Pit bulls

If I get off the couch, he’s right behind me. I go to the kitchen, Deuce follows. God forbid I shut the door when I need to use the facilities….

When we go to bed, we keep the door open a crack. As soon as we turn off the lights, he smashes his face on the door to come inside, walks to my side of the bed to make sure I’m still there, walks to Husband Graeme’s side of the bed to make sure he’s there, then walks to his bed and goes to sleep.

For about 20 minutes.

Back into the room he comes as if we’ve definitely escaped out the window. Sometimes he’ll lay on the floor next to me until he knows I’m not going to leave him.

Pit bulls

Deuce absolutely LOVES humans. He is such a suck to anyone willing to pay him some attention. People are constantly coming up to him to say howdy. I’ve noticed though, some parents with kids will cross the street or tell their kids to stay by their sides and grab their hands to make sure they do. Fine, you do you, but it makes me sad that people are teaching their kids to fear a dog based on its breed. Maybe ‘fear’ is the wrong word but it feels like the right one.

Parents with kids that know you shouldn’t discriminate against breeds will tell their kid to ask nicely if they can pet Deuce and to not just…y’know, grab at him.

This is how you should teach your kids how to dog with EVERY type of dog.

Deuce, however, does not like other dogs which was made evident when he grabbed a hold of my sisters Mastiff/German Sheppard’s neck upon meeting her. No damage was done but we separated the dogs and everyone went on with their lives. When out for a walk and I see someone coming with a dog, I grab on tightly and try to distract Deuce as the owner/dog walks by. Works like a charm. When an owner/dog combo decides to stop and say howdy, I hold Deuce back and tell them my dog will attack yours so please keep on moving.

Should Deuce be put down because of this? No. It is the OWNERS job to keep other animals/people safe. I had one guy with a dog pretty much take no for an answer as he wanted to pet Deuce. What are you doing? I have TOLD you my dog WILL attack your dog and you aren’t listening? Give your damn head a shake.

Pit bulls

Types Of Dogs That Have Caused Me Grief In Some Way:

  1. Boxers.
  2. Poodles.
  3. Chihuahuas.
  4. Cocker Spaniels.


Out at Pigeon Lake, Graeme and I were taking a walk when all of a sudden, we heard a loud barking coming in our direction. We look left and this GIANT ASS BOXER (with its ears pinned ugh) was bounding our way. Naturally, I threw Graeme in front of me to use as a shield and yelled “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.” Graeme threw out his hands in a STOP motion and we stumbled back a little bit. The boxer stopped in front of us, growled, barked and looked like it was going to lunge at us.

The owner casually yelled for the boxer to come home and not eat the nice people. He also yelled “don’t worry, he won’t attack you.” To which I thought ARE YOU FUCKING SURE ABOUT THAT….


I cannot remember when or who’s poodle snapped at me, but that was a thing on the regular. This poodle hated humans other than its owners and it was obvious. I remember the owner not…really giving a shit about it either which, what the hell?


I have met one chihuahua that hasn’t snapped at me. I have met a lot of chihuahua’s.

Cocker Spaniel

I had a cocker spaniel for about a year when I was younger. He was the bane of my existence. Cutest little thing, but he had WAY too much energy, bit me constantly, and was the teasing little asshole older brother I never wanted. Because we couldn’t take care of him ourselves, we thought he would have a better life living on a farm so he could run around and chase things and be an asshole to nature. He went to live on a farm (not a euphemism for We Actually Put Him Down) and had a fabulous life.

pit bulls

I met this ferocious Boxer in Phoenix this past Christmas.  

You know what I don’t want to happen to any of the above dog breeds that have caused me grief? BANNING THEM. I know so many other boxers out there that are the KINDEST damn dogs towards humans. A family friend had SUCH a nice poodle who was super friendly towards everyone. A friend has the most timid chihuahua who just wants to be cuddled non-stop. I haven’t met another cocker spaniel but I hear NOT ALL OF THEM ARE ASSHOLES.

I asked the people of Facebook if anyone agrees/disagrees with the new law and wants to be quoted on my blog post. Here are some opinions on the ban.

“I think the counselors felt a lot of pressure to ‘do something’ in the light of recent dog attacks that were wrongly blamed on ‘pit bull type dogs’ (one attack originally blamed on a pit bull was actually a rottie/lab/mastiff cross.) I think they made the wrong decision because research and experts all say that BSL legislation actually doesn’t work, it targets the wrong population and unfairly stereotypes/stigmatizes a breed that is already one of the hardest to be adopted. A better solution would have been to actually enforce the legislation already existing regarding leash laws, dogs with history of attacks, etc. The family of the lady who was killed by a pit bull pushed really hard to have this ban but if the dog was dealt with properly as a dangerous/aggressive dog (he had at least 2 previous attacks) maybe this wouldn’t have happened. This really feels like a step backwards and I think the counselors are showing their own prejudice/bias or are feeling pressure to vote a certain way. The SPCA has a firm opinion (supported by facts) that BSL doesn’t work. It paints everyone with the same brush instead of targeting the dogs that are actually dangerous.” – Jaclyn Matthews.

“What the hell. Is Trump running Montreal now? All Pit bulls are as dangerous as all Mexicans are rapists. This ban, created entirely by ignorance will end the lives of many dogs NOT just pit bulls. In pure dumb dumb fashion the language on the ban is vague enough that any dog with a large head that someone considers menacing can be taken away from a family and euthanized. It’s foolish, it’s cruel and it made me hate Montreal a little.” – Danielle Goyetche.

“The decision to ban pit bulls and pit bull crosses etc is one based on ignorance of the breed. That’s like banning peanuts from the entire city because of an allergic reaction causing death. It doesn’t make sense. The mayor and city council of Montreal should have done some actual research before making this catastrophic, imbecilic decision.” – Angela.

“I work in security and I get to deal with dogs a lot. Of course, not all dogs are bad with people in uniforms, but enough are to cause me concern. In late 2012, I had a pit bull, who was known to be aggressive with me and others, and was off-leash, try to bite my hand off. Thankfully, I was wearing double gloves and had my hands in my pockets and I shook it off before it got a good grip (I still have the jacket and it still has a rip in it). So, I’m not a fan of the breed. I hate to judge the many by the actions of a few, but when you get a pit bull, you need to know what you’re doing. Since people are stupid, the government has to try to keep them safe. And banning a breed of dogs that are known to be a problem seems like the simplest solution.” – Anonymous.

“All breed specific bans do is sentence good dogs to death. These dogs are family members, loyal companions, and don’t deserve to die because a few people neglected to properly train their dogs. Dog related deaths are tragic, but banning entire breeds is not the solution.” – Rachel Willis.

“As a pit bull owner I have a hard time understanding how a government can think banning an entire breed of dogs is the answer to protecting its citizens from attacks and dog bites. BSL does nothing but tear apart families and sentence hundreds of innocent adoptable animals to their deaths. Education is key to preventing dog bites, many people severely lack knowledge when it comes to warning signs of an impending dog attack. Many training programs could be greatly improved by including these basic approaches to dog behavior. The city could have implemented mandatory classes for ANY dog owner when licensing your pet to help with creating responsible dog ownership. Increase fines for those who have a dog that is aggressive and especially those who have more than one offense. It does not make sense to penalize those who are responsible, and most dog owners would gladly take training classes over having to euthanize their family member. BSL creates a fear based on ignorance and is not the answer to solving the problem. Dogs are an example of their owners, and it is the owner that needs to be held accountable. Shame on the city of Montreal and the province of Ontario!” – Courtney Burke.


3 Responses

  1. We’ve had a Dangerous Dogs Act in the UK for a decade or more and the government has finally agreed that it doesn’t work. It was a knee-jerk piece of legislation that was badly-drawn up and generally confused people & persecuted dogs that had no proven history of nastiness. Around the same time, the national Dog Licence was abolished – the one link the law had to ensure some kind of responsibility from the owners. Doh.
    Any legislation needs to focus on the owner, not the dog. Some dogs may need the owner to be more careful/caring, but that’s the owner’s responsibility. Licencing and insurance, like with cars, seems better than a blunt piece of legislation.
    Personally, I’m a cat bloke. (Yes, I have the softest fur, sleep a lot and like to shit in next door’s garden).
    I’ve never owned a dog because I don’t need that level of responsibility and hard work (the kids never needed to be taken out for a walk on a dark rainy night to sniff a lamp-post and piss up it).

  2. We are deep into this conversation in our condo because of a couple of aggressive dogs. They want to institute some [stupid] rules around “big” dogs. 1) what is a “big” dog? 2) I’ve had WAY more trouble with two of the yappy little white ones, one of which is allowed by its owner to run loose on my floor. Why, oh, why can’t various authorities get it through their heads that it’s not the the dogs!! Why don’t municipalities make a basic training/socialization class part of licensing?

  3. I think banning any breed it ludicrous. It makes my stomach hurt to think about all the pits in shelters and what will become of them. It’s just so ridiculous.

    Deuce is adorable.

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