Motivational Mondays with Jess: Donald Trump.

Tonight’s fantastic motivational poster is brought to you by the Presidential debate that happened this evening. Because screw Jess! I decided to watch the 2 mind numbingly painful hours of this debate because you know, why not? Why not see what America gets to deal with when November comes around ya’ll have to vote. Well, much like the Republican debates I watched earlier this year, I’m pretty much ready to kill myself.

If any of you out there are voting for Donald Trump and follow my blog, please unsubscribe. Stop following me, delete me off Twitter (which I definitely blew up tonight), Facebook, Instagram, whatever form of social media you’re following me on. Delete me from our friendship. I refuse to be associated with someone who agrees with him on basically anything. That man is THEE most arrogant piece of shit I have ever seen, which I already knew, but this really solidified it.

It was just a privilege listening to him continuously interrupting Hillary to mansplain everything and splatter on about fucking nothing for 2 hours.

So, below is one of my favourite quotes from The Donald.



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  1. My favorite part was when he questioned her stamina after sniffiing, drinking water ala Little Marco style and making faces at the camera. Only a few belches and farts would have made it more complete. I really hope he agrees to do the next one, I enjoyed the drama.

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