Popular TV comedies I don’t give a shit about.

Everyone’s taste in TV comedies is different. My distaste of extremely popular TV show comedies is apparently crazy. If you haven’t seen any of these shows and are questioning whether you should check them out or not, don’t listen to my advice. I’ve been told how wrong my opinion is on the following.

30 Rock
Tina Fey is pretty fantastic. So when I decided to watch 30 Rock, I had a lot of expectations of it being awesome as hell. Instead, it left me with “welp, this is boring.” I get it, Liz Lemon is every 20/30 something female self proclaimed super awkward socially stunted nerd’s spirit animal. I OFTEN see gifs of Liz Lemon, you know the ones “but have you ever put a donut in the microwave?” and the one of her sitting in her snuggie singing “working on my night cheese” and everyone’s all OMG SHE SPEAKS TO ME ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I’ve also microwaved a donut and ate cheese while in my snuggie, but I don’t identify with Liz Lemon.

I only watched a few episodes and have absolutely zero plans to go back to watch the rest.

I hate Seinfeld. I realize the characters are meant to be characters no one should like and thus it’s hilarious, but I don’t find the humour at all. It doesn’t help that I absolutely despise George with every fucking fibre of my being. “But that’s the point!” screams everyone. I KNOW IT IS. But he is unbearable. He is an unbearable character and I’d sooner watch the rest of 30 Rock 1000 times over than ever watch Seinfeld.

I find Jerry Seinfeld WILDLY unfunny. He was listed number 1 in the Forbes Highest-Paid Comedians for 2015 and this fact gives me fucking hives. There are SO many better comedians out there. Ugh.

Arrested Development
Roughly a year ago, it was discovered that I had never seen Arrested Development to which all my friends looked at me with new found disgust and asked me “do you even live?” Apparently I had missed the boat on this and it was unacceptable. Thankfully, trusty old Netflix has Arrested Development so I decided to give it a go. I fucking love Jason Bateman so I figured, what’s not to like? My friends raved over it and specifically said I would love this show, LOVE it.

I watched the first season and was waiting for the humour to start. I forgot how much I hated Michael Cera considering he’s the same goddamn character in every movie. Sup Matthew Perry, got another one of you only 100% less funny. Here’s the thing though, I found Micheal Cera’s character the funniest besides the mom. Everyone else was extremely unfunny. The mere thought of what’s his face…

TV Comedies

I JUST WANT TO THROW THINGS. I want throw everything I own at my TV when he’s on it. Again, he’s supposed to be insufferable, but it’s TOO much and I can’t deal with it. I also came to the conclusion that I have no idea why people think Will Arnett is funny. He has been in absolutely nothing enjoyable.

South Park
There are a lot of people out there who still love South Park. And I have…no idea why. Back in the day when I was a child, my mom didn’t allow me to watch two extremely popular shows. One was South Park and the other was The Simpsons. Now, I still haven’t forgiven my mom for banning The Simpsons, especially since when I was a kid it was in it’s goddamn PRIME, but I totally get the banning of South Park. It’s just…vile. And 90% unfunny. I know I’ve seen a few extremely offensive things which I thought were pretty funny, but for the most part it’s just…garbage.

It really doesn’t help that I tend to hate cartoon comedies which is why I’m on the fence about watching Archer. Yet another show everyone tells me I HAVE TO WATCH IT IT’S SO FUNNY IT’S SO YOUR HUMOUR.

Which brings us to the reason this list was created…..

Brooklyn Nine Nine
I’m officially mad. I am mad that my friends don’t know me at all. Ha! I kid, I kid, but I’m getting concerned with friends recommending me shows that they say I will love only for me to fucking hate them. And Brooklyn Nine Nine is a show I fucking hate.

After watching people figuratively shit their asses over how amazing hilarious this show is, I thought FUCK FINE, I’LL WATCH IT. I originally had…somewhat high expectations because of the ass shitting but I also thought “no, I’ve been burned before with Arrested Development, I will go into this show with no expectations.” So on Tuesday night, Graeme and I settle in, threw BNN on and braced ourselves for the inevitable shitting.

2 episodes in and we didn’t laugh once. Not once. In fact, I was mad. I was mad at how garbage this show was. After the first episode, Graeme looked over at me and asked “so…when does this get funny?” But I decided to continue on thinking it HAS to get better. Graeme gave up because he’s a quitter, so I powered on through 2 more episodes. I wished I was a quitter too.

Guys, this show fucking sucks. With every other show listed here, I could UNDERSTAND on SOME LEVEL why people thought it was funny. I do not understand why anyone likes this show. I hate every character strictly because this is supposed to be a comedy and not one person is funny. I was so excited for Chelsea Peretti because I find her funny. Turns out, she is my least favourite character on BNN other than Andy Samberg’s, which after 2 scenes of him, I didn’t think was possible. Shut up Andy Samberg’s character, Jesus, just the least funniest character on any show ever to exist. Okay, I’m probably exaggerating but it physically hurt to watch him.

Wow. WOW is this show such a miss.

“But the captain, you have to love the captain!” says everyone. Yeah you know what, I didn’t mind the captain because of his dead pan humour, but just because he’s the funniest on the show, doesn’t mean he’s actually funny. He just happens to shine like a rusty diamond in a sewer full of shit.

I refuse to watch any more of this. It’s just not going to happen. And the fact that someone told me the first two seasons are the funniest, Lord God how TERRIBLE are season 3 and 4???

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go feed my high horse some Actual Comedy hay.


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  1. I agree with ALL OF THIS. I felt so out of the look when I was in HS and South Park had just come out… glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  2. Dude….I agree with almost everything in this post. The handful of 30 Rock episodes I’ve seen have been rather boring. Seinfeld wasn’t funny at all, and I too disliked George. South Park is just rude, offensive garbage.
    Admittedly, I’ve never seen Arrested Development, but now I really don’t plan on it.
    As for B99, I do watch it and I don’t hate it, but you’re right, it’s not that funny. Considering that its creator also created Parks And Rec and was a writer on The Office, it should be great but it’s not. It’s not quotable or memorable or relatable. I’ll still watch it, but not with any passion.

  3. Try 2Broke Girls…. Max is my idol even if the rest of the cast ain’t too great. Also try Come Fly With Me and Little Britain if you can get hold of it on netflix or something…
    apart from that I got Big Bang and nothing else to watch. but to be honest they have ruined even that this last season.
    Red Dwarf has anew series starting in a few weeks, if that floats your boat. looking forward to that 🙂 🙂

    1. I actually hate 2 Broke Girls. It’s …..just…awful. I watched the first season then random portions of other episodes and could not get through a full episode. It’s the complete opposite of funny. I didn’t choose to blast it on here though because I don’t know anyone who likes it, haha. BESIDES YOU.

  4. I agree with all of them but Brooklyn Nine Nine. I love Chelsea Peretti, especially as the seasons go on. I have always HATED South Park, I think it’s insanely stupid.

  5. Dear lord… I HATEEEEEEEEEEE Seinfeld with a passion. The only time I’ve made it through an entire episode was when I was forced against my will on an airplane some years ago. Pure TORTURE. I agree with all of these except Arrested Development. I loved that show when I was in HS. Haven’t seen it in years, I probably would hate it now, too. Curious – what ARE your favorite comedies? The Middle? Modern Family? I must know. Have you seen the first season of Life In Pieces? A lot of people don’t like it, but I’ve fallen off my chair laughing at it before. I have a strange sense of humor, though.

    1. I actually QUITE like The Middle. I didn’t start watching it until it was in it’s 4th season but holy shit, I enjoy it. Modern Family is good but I mostly just love Phil. I’ve never seen Life In Pieces so I’ll give that a shot if YOU’VE liked it.

      I’ll have to do a post of my favourite comedies. Most of them are British!

  6. I think I’m right there with you on all of these! I watched a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine until I just felt like ehhhh, I don’t feel like a part of my life is missing if I don’t watch this show….

  7. Being British and having an aversion to paying for anything other than my compulsory TV Licence (which I don’t mind cos the BBC is awesome), I haven’t really caught any of these other than Brooklyn 99 (meh, it was more interesting to watch whilst washing up than staring at a plant, but not actually funny), Seinfeld (turned over after about a minute because it was dull), and South Park (often horribly offensive but also the only one that has made me laugh, so I’ll watch it if it’s on).
    Shows with a high GPE (guffaw per episode) rating are probably Family Guy and The Simpsons. Most British sitcoms are also weak on actual laughs – the funniest things on TV over here tend to be panel shows like Mock The Week and that’s largely due to professional stand-ups doing tried & tested material tuned to current events.
    Also, why is it that I’m a subscribed WordPress follower of yer blog, but it NEVER comes up in my reader. I have to come and hunt your posts down on special missions every few weeks. That’s dedication, that is. Where’s my medal?

    1. Your medal is on its way! That is dedication. I have no idea why that’s happening but it sounds annoying and like something I should look into.

      I live for panel shows! Naturally, we don’t get them here in Canada, so I watch them online all the time. Anything with David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade, and Sean Lock, I’m game. Hell, there are so many others that will draw me to a panel show. I just love them to pieces. As for British sitcoms, I find them infinitely more funny than American ones. Black Books, Green Wing, Peep Show, The Inbetweeners, The IT Crowd, Gareth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, okay I’m getting out of the ‘sitcom’ category….but all of those shows have left me in stitches.

      1. Oh yes! “Would I Lie To You” is brilliant fun, just to watch David Mitchell & Lee Mack jab away at each other, conforming to (or sometimes counfounding) their perceived stereotypes of posh southerner and common northerner.
        The IT Crowd & Father Ted – excellent fun with just enough surreal behaviour to mirror real life absurdities. The ‘Bad Boys’ episode of IT Crowd is awesome. Did you know they tried a US pilot using almost exactly the same script & camera shots as episode 1? I mean, why???
        Another show that was wonderfully dark but also incredibly funny at times was Being Human (again, remade in the US and ruined). Even the later series, although not as good as the first 2, worked pretty well (imagine a reformed vampire with OCD). Worth checking out if you’ve not come across it.

        1. ‘The Work Outing’ is probably my favourite episode. The first time I watched it, I had to pause the show because I was laughing too hard. Moss behind the bar absolutely murdered me. Yeah, I knew they did an American version, God, do I really want to click on that link? I haven’t seen it but I don’t know if want to.

          I absolutely loved Being Human (UK obviously). I really like Russell Tovey and he was especially brilliant in it. Once again, I haven’t seen the American version because why. And I refuse to. It’s such a rarity that the American version of anything is better than the UK original. The Office and House of Cards are the only ones I can think of that don’t make me hate everything. (Although, that’s not fair as I haven’t seen HoC UK, I just assume the American version is better because it’s so damn good. Correct me if I’m wrong!)

          1. I saw some of the UK Office episodes and the odd bit of the original House of Cards (which was, by all accounts, excellent and spawned the condescending catchphrase of “you might say so, but I couldn’t possibly comment”), but haven’t seen the US versions. Not that much of a telly watcher these days, to be honest. I’ve still got the second series of Utopia to watch – I can’t believe I was so excited about it and recorded them as I was too busy at the time, and 2 years later haven’t found the time to watch them. Tsk!

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