Fighting the stigma of internet friends.

You know what’s the damn worst? When I tell something to someone that’s 100% true and accurate only to have them come back at me and say “actually no, you’re wrong.” I want to strangle you dead. I guess this is my fault for feeding internet trolls, which I LOVE to do. But last night, someone decided that my internet friends aren’t Real Friendships and I’m here to tell all of you that this bitch is cray cray.

I have been writing online for over 15 years and have only been open about it since January 2016ish. Sorry to break it to you, internet friends who are reading this, but you guys AREN’T ACTUALLY MY REAL FRIENDS.

According to this chick on twitter.

One of my Online Made Friends, Lindsey, gets attacked on twitter more often than anyone else I know. This time, the twitter attacker said “people you talk to on the internet are not friends. Sorry to break that to you.” 

Lindsey’s response: Your opinion. Went to the wedding of someone I met online a couple of weeks ago. Some of my best mates I met online.

A bunch of Lindsey’s internet made friends popped up and defended her only to have Troll come back and tell them they weren’t proper friends. Naturally, as I enjoying poking a bear every once in a while, I threw in my 10 cents by saying “Lindsey & I are 100% internet friends. Sorry to break it to you.”

Being the broken record this unimaginative troll is, she responded “not proper friends then.” 

Me: even though we eventually met up in real life 3 yrs after being Internet friends & nailed this friendship thing?

I have yet to hear back from Trolly McTrollerson, and I doubt I will. She’s too busy arguing now that online dating is for losers who can’t meet people in real life. Welcome to 2016 lady, who gives a shit where you find your person? Back in my day of dating, the option was pretty much Date Someone You Met At The Bar.

I had kept my Writing Online Life a secret until….pretty much right now. This is my coming out party. When I started this public blog, I told a few real life friends that I had actually been writing online over half my lifetime. That I had made a ton of friends online because of this writing community and had met some of them. Being that my real life friends aren’t garbage people, instead of being met with “you goddamn freak…why the hell would you trust these online people??” they responded with “oh that’s so cool!” and some of them would tell me they have internet friends too. 

I was actually pretty shocked with their chill responses because there is SUCH a stigma with meeting people online. Hell, it’s more acceptable now to get a dick online than make friends. But, the online dating world is slowly helping with breaking the stigma of online friendships. Unless you’re a troll or unwilling to adapt to change.

  1. I’ve been friends with three of my online friends longer than I’ve known my husband.
  2. I’ve been friends with two of them for as long as I’ve known my best friend.
  3. A lot of my online friends know me better than my real life ones.
  4. I traveled to Seattle and London to visit online friends.
  5. I consider one of my online friends a best friend.

Telling people about my online life was definitely not easy. I feared rejection and extreme judgement for it. My mom said if she knew I had been making friends online at the naive age of 13, she would have put a stop to that ASAP. Which, fair. Once I explained to her about the community, she seemed pretty interested, which was great!

It hasn’t been until this random ass troll that I’ve had anyone question my online friendships. And obviously, that pissed me off. Who are you to tell me my friendships aren’t real? Your mom isn’t real. 

The only way I could start this public ass blog was because of all the support and love I received from my internet friends. They are the ones who helped me overcome my intense panic of writing publicly and told me I would rock the kasbah with it. They are the reason I’m a blogger for Huffington Post and Old Strathcona. They help get me through the day when I need advice/help/rant. My online community means everything to me and I won’t stand by and have someone tell me they aren’t real friendships. Anyone willing to judge me for it, you have no idea what you’re talking about. They are real fucking friends.

Suck an online dick.

internet friends

Definitely didn’t have the best night out in London.

internet friends

Nope, didn’t bond over tacos.

internet friends

Do we even know each other?

internet friends

I especially don’t know her well at all.

internet friends

I certainly haven’t known her longer than 90% of the people I know in real life.


21 thoughts on “Fighting the stigma of internet friends.

  1. Colleen Houser

    Add me to the list of people who think the troll is insane. If internet friends aren’t proper friends, then, why would I marry one and move across the country to be with him? Why have we been happy together for seven and a half years? IS MY ENTIRE LIFE A SHAM?! Idiots.

      1. Geoff Dick

        So this is how it ends…

        …”This” type of thing has become important to us.

        The wealth of human knowledge at my finger tips and all I do is learn about boobs, cats and various peoples worthless opinions. Then whine about it.

  2. Cindy

    Look at all those crazy chainsaw murderer fake people you hang out with. Oh wait… I met you online too. Does that make you or me the fake? Obviously we can’t have a connection.

  3. Ben Gardner

    I’m better friends with my online friends than I am with most of my face to face friends. Who cares what the troll under the bridge said. Besides, didn’t she say this to you online? Doesn’t that make the comment she said, “Not a proper one?”

  4. Brian Lageose

    I met my partner online 17 years ago and we’re still together. I guess I need to go tell him that Trolly says our relationship is pointless and he needs to move out. I hope I get the best DVDs when we divide them up… 😉

  5. Complicated Disaster

    I’d say that *most* of my real life friends I met first online. I’ve known one of them for nearly 20 years. Fuck the trolls!

    1. Complicated Disaster

      Wait? It was someone who knew you but was too shit scared to say who they were? Fuck em twice!! xx

      1. Lindsey

        I think it was just a random troll who then stalked my Twitter and Instagram and tried to freak me out. And she says we’re the ones with no life…

  6. isaidnoh

    I just gave the link to your blog to a coworker and she was all “So this is your friend?” and I was like “Well, she’s my internet friend…and her top entry at the moment is about how internet friends aren’t real.” hahaha.


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