Bucket List update: Attend Wimbledon.

Okay so technically it says on my Bucket List that I want to attend one of the Grand Slams, but in my opinion and probably most others, Wimbledon is the creme de la creme of Grand Slams. But I figured I’d never attend such a prestigious event because

  1. Money. I lack it.
  2. …..wait, no, that’s it.


Jason and Gavin were only staying in Europe for 2-ish weeks which meant Husband Graeme and I had an extra 10 days without them. It wasn’t decided until about 4 days before we left that we should go to England. I remember the conversation Graeme and I had over dinner at The Keg (thank god for gift cards).

Graeme: So I was thinking…
Me: Here we go.
Graeme: Wimbledon starts June 27th….

And that was the end of that. I had always figured England would be off the table as the Pound on a normal day destroys our Dollar, but ever since our Dollar has forgotten how to Dollar, the exchange was pretty laughable. Then Graeme throws down a Let’s Go To The Most Prestigious Event Held In The Most Expensive Country and it was officially time to yolo.

By this time, it was already too late to get tickets to Wimbledon unless we queued. Fine, whatever. In the meantime, we booked a couple of other England things to do and see in Kent & East Sussex as we hadn’t seen that part of England yet.

Before we left, tons of people were poo pooing our plans to Wimbledon. Telling us we won’t get tickets, there’s absolutely no way. Telling us it’s too expensive, we have no IDEA how expensive it is. I knew it was a longshot that it would actually happen, but I am ever the optimist. When people tell me I can’t do something, I try my hardest to find a way to do it because Wimbledon’t fuck with us.

So we’re chillin’ in Brighton the day before we’re supposed to go to London. It’s early morning and I’m in bed reading my book, listening to the 4,000,000 seagulls do seagull things when Graeme runs into the room yelling “get my wallet, get my wallet!”

Me: Mmmkay.
Graeme: I got tickets to Wimbledon. £50 each!
Me: WAT.

And just like that, we were going to Wimbledon in 2 days.

The best part of my existence is the fact that we didn’t have to queue. We saw the queuers and NOPE. That did not look like a bag of kittens.

I think my first reaction was I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR but I managed to find some cute boots at Primark I could rock which made my plain jane outfit much more….Wimledon-y. Turns out, I could have worn sweatpants and it would have been fine. But fuck that. Girlfriend wanted to look as good as she could.

Walking into the Wimbledon grounds felt so right. We could already hear cheering from matches being played, we could see the big tennis balls everywhere, and people dressed to the nines. We ended up getting court 3 tickets which meant we could go to any court except the first 2 which are the main 2. I had no idea we could spend all day there. I knew nothing about how these tickets worked.

We spent 8 hours at Wimbledon. The matches the day before were rained out which meant Milos Raonic was playing on our court that day. Seriously, I have no idea how these horse shoes got shoved up our asses BUT THERE THEY WERE.

WimbledonGo Canada!

As you are ALL aware, he obviously won the match. There was nothing quite like the moment we got to our seats. Up we went to the very top, sat down, put our shit down, then took in the moment.

“We’re at fucking Wimbledon.”

Then we giggled to ourselves because what is life.

WimbledonI obviously needed a big tennis ball, which Raonic signed.

After a while of sitting, we decided to go explore. Because it was the beginning of the tournament, it was fucking PACKED. One of the craziest parts was when we would see random tennis players walking around. Pending how popular you are/where you rank, there would be some players with security, some without. I saw Gael Monfils run through the crowd as if he was late for his next match. God, I love him.

We went to the shop to see if there were fun things we could buy. We decided to buy a mug as I’m obsessed with mugs, a hat for Graeme and green and purple tea towels. That’s….really all we could afford. There was a gorgeous blazer for around £650 that I could have taken home but nooooooooo apparently we had a budget or something.

I decided to go back to our seats as the match I was looking forward to most was about to start. Serena and Venus were playing doubles and since Serena is my favourite, I happened to lose my damn mind when they walked out onto the court. I don’t know many people who like the Williams sisters but ya’ll…..you cannot deny how unreal these two are. The talent these two women have give me such lady boners. Absolutely unreal.


Graeme came back just in time for the match to start with two Pimms in hand. Obviously we had to have Pimms. This was my frist time enjoying a Pimms and I enjoyed about 3 sips of it and decided that yep, this was disgusting. Sorry England, I don’t like Pimms.

Graeme happily chugged both back.

After the Williams sisters came back and crushed the Slovenians, we decided to peace out. We watched 4 full matches and a few pieces from other matches and I was exhausted. Apparently it’s tiring sitting there all day doing sweet F A except moving your head back and forth.

If you ever get the chance to go to this kind of sporting event, do it. It cost us roughly $350CAD to do this once in a lifetime Bucket List worthy event and it was worth every damn penny. I mean, I didn’t get to see my boy Andy Murray play, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to do that. THROWING IT ON THE BUCKET LIST RIGHT AFTER THIS.

To sum up, don’t listen to the naysayers naysin’ you.


Wimbledon happy’s.


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  1. Really like reading your blog but why do you swear so much? I think your blog would be classier if you would just write instead of interjecting all these swears. It makes you seem desperate to be liked. Just my opinion.

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