Bucket List update: Going to EURO2016.

As you have totally noticed because you guys keep up with my blog AROUND THE CLOCK (bless you), you saw that I updated my bucket list. I keep one of these bad boys because it’s fun to cross shit off once you complete it. Which is weird because I’m not a ‘list’ person. Lists give me no pleasure because it implies that I’m organized, or fake being organized. But a bucket list is less about being organized and more about yolo experiences. Y’know, unless you count doing grocery shopping an experience, which if you shop at Costco on a Sunday, it can be.

Update number 1: Go To A Soccer Game.

By soccer game I mean one of those football games across the pond where people think a sport is their religion. I mean, fair enough, at least football players are real.

Okay so we’ve already been to a Liverpool vs Tottenham match back in 2013 which was WILD, but attending the EURO this summer was pretty freaking unreal. Two years ago, we were talking with some friends about the possibility of going to EURO2016. It was just a pipe dream at that point but a year later, Husband Graeme attempted to get tickets. He applied for around 10 games which would have cost us over €1000. Perfect. That’s affordable. A million years later, we finally got word that we would be getting 4 tickets to the Ukraine vs Poland match, and that was it.

The amount of people who had asked us “so you’re going to Europe…for a soccer game…?” was a lot. Which, yeah, we TECHNICALLY are. But we also made a trip out of it.


Shit, now we needed to invite people on our Europe trip. Our friend Jason gobbled up the chance to go to the EURO practically immediately. Gavin decided he couldn’t pass this opportunity up either and boom, we were set to go.

Graeme decided he couldn’t pass up seeing England live so he eventually found himself a lone ticket to the England vs Slovakia game in Saint Etienne. Jason was off in Marseille visting family so Gavin and I stayed behind at the Fan Zone to watch the outrageously drunk people soccer game.

The fact that I didn’t get hit by beer at all during this evening is Bucket List worthy.

I think Gavin and I were at the Fan Zone for 6 hours which felt like 300 years to me, not because I was in the company of Gavin but because the England chant Don’t Take Me Home had been sung infinity times and is now forever embedded into my brain and if I never hear that song again, DARN. Longest, sentence, ever.

I was so excited for England to score because I knew the fans would have gone absolutely batty. I was ready, I was prepared, I was wearing my jacket so beer would not get on me.

The game ended in a nil-nil tie. GOD. DAMMIT. I felt bad for Graeme as this was his chance to celebrate with England. But, naturally, England sucks a bag of dicks. Shock AND awe. Once we met up with Graeme after the game, he said regardless of the garbage score, he had an amazing experience. GOOD.

Off to Marseille we went for the Poland vs Ukraine game.

So the Fan Zone in Marseille was far away from the stadium. Our airbnb was right across the street from the stadium. We had about 2 hours to get to the Fan Zone, enjoy the Fan Zone, leave the Fan Zone, get to the game. Because I’m an immense hater on rushing, I opted out of the Fan Zone and the boys went without me.

Me: I’ll just meet you at the game.
Me: Fairly certain I can handle this task.

And the task was handled. Okay, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little overwhelmed with the hype of this game and being by myself in a massive crowd of people who don’t speak english. But, I had my Ukraine jersey on, put on a confident Don’t Fuck With Me face and moved through the crowd with ease. NATURALLY, the boys were late for our meeting time so I stood outside of the gate we were meeting at and an alarming amount of Polish fans stopped at me, pointed at me, pointed at the camera, and now I’m in a ton of pictures pretending I give a shit about Ukraine.

A Ukraine fan came up to me.

Me: I’m…not Ukrainian. I’m a fraud.
Fan: Ohhhh, where are you from?
Me: Canada.
Fan: Ohhhh, but you’re cheering for Ukraine?
Me: I’m actually cheering for Wales.
Fan: ………..Ohhhh….can I have a picture with you anyways?

The confusion was real.

The most awkward part was when a huge group of Ukrainian fans stood near me and starting singing their national anthem then forced me into their circle. If there’s one language I can’t fake my way through, it’s Ukrainian.


Ya’ll, this stadium is STUNNING and I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house. It was GREAT. Of course, we were plopped right in the middle of a ton of Polish fans. Oye vey. But everyone was calm and nothing crazy happened. There were probably 10 flares throughout the game but nothing got out of hand. My ears were ringing 10 minutes into the match because DAMN those Ukrainians know how to chant and cheer.

This game ended 1-0 Poland.

So Graeme went to two EURO games and didn’t get to cheer once.
You win some, you lose some and in this case, Graeme is a loser.


After the game, it was finally not a thousand degrees outside so we had a nice walk over to the Fan Zone to watch the Spain vs Croatia game. I had taken off my jersey and was just wearing a tank top now. I decided to run into the Fan Zone to get a picture of the setting sun over the big screen and water. The boys stayed behind to pound a cheap beer or two.

I see Gavin and Jason come in but no Graeme. I get a text from Graeme saying he’s at the fence behind the screen. The fuck you doing there. We walk over and APPARENTLY there were two massive sections of Fan Zone. One area for Poland fans, another for Ukraine fans. Because Graeme was still wearing his jersey, he was sent to the Ukraine area. GUESS WHERE WE WERE.

Damn did I get my steps in that day.


Me: So when are we going to come back to Europe?
Graeme: Well, the World Cup is in Russia in 2 years….

Great. Bring it on Mother Russia.



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