Pokemon Go fuck yourself.

Ever since the phenomenon Pokemon Go has splooged itself onto the unsuspecting scene, I decided I wouldn’t blog about it because EVERYONE is talking about it and EVERYONE is playing it. “Carolyn, isn’t that exactly why you should be blogging about it?” YES PROBABLY BUT I JUST DON’T CARE.

That is until I saw people were catching Pokemon at the Holocaust Museum and realized how much I hate everyone on this stupid planet and need to vent my anger and share with you my experience on going to Auschwitz.

My favourite quote on that article is the very last one by Angie I Will Get Flamed Across Social Media If I Give My Last Name, when she talked about playing Pokemon Go at the Museum: “It’s not like we came here to play, but gotta catch ’em all.” 

I hope you catch syphilis.

I get it. Games are addicting as shit. And everyone is so into nostalgia crap right now that I knew Pokemon Go would be a success right off the bat. And bat it was! I have a ton of friends who play the game and it’s all fine and dandy that people are going outside and getting exercise now because of it. I’m not here to make fun of the fact that it’s kind of pathetic a game is the reason you’re going outside and getting exercise. But hey, if it gets your kids out of the house, who am I to judge? I’m here to rip on the cocksuckers who are making asshole fools of themselves and having no respect for property, using the game to rob people, and my favourite of all, the Holocaust Museum in DC.

At the beginning of June, I went to Auschwitz with husband Graeme and our friends Jason and Gavin. To say it was one of the “highlights” of the trip is weird but it was. Seeing the train tracks leading into Berkenau, the weight of this place had immediately hit us.

Pokemon Go

Just a reminder for all you Pokebastards (my new name for Holocaust Pokemon catchers) out there, the Nazis tortured and killed between 6-11 million men, women, and children as an answer to solving the Jewish Question because Hitler was fucking bat shit crazy.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because of the intense depression I was feeling. Didn’t really feel like #Auschwitz was a thing that should ever happen and it felt…wrong.

At Auschwitz I, our tour guide took us to one of the buildings and said ”absolutely no pictures.” There were signs everywhere with cameras being crossed out. We walked in, and I’m sure you’ve all maybe heard about this room, but along the entire wall which was MASSIVE, was a giant glass case filled with victims hair. Just…MOUNDS of human hair. When people were brought to the camp, they were immediately shaved and for REASONS, they kept all the hair. Souveniers, I guess.

There were ponytails, braided ponytails with the elastics still on them.

I was completely face fucked. Y’know, seeing pictures and hearing stories and all that shit, it’s mind numbing. But seeing physical….stuff. It’s incomprehensible. Naturally, I have no control over emotions and thank god other people didn’t either, I cried. It was absolutely shocking. We continued on through this lovely building and came to more massive walls filled with peoples belongings. Suitcases they thought they’d need to start a new life, glasses that apparently weren’t necessary anymore, the last pairs of shoes they’d ever wear.

I couldn’t get out of this building fast enough.

We went to one of the buildings that hadn’t been changed around to look all museum-y called Block 11. This is the torture chamber held in the basement with the firing wall out back.

One of the punishments that really stood out to me was the standing cell. The cell was one square metre each with a tiny 5×5 breathing hole. There were FOUR people in one of these standing cells where they were forced to stand up to twenty nights in a row while still being forced to work during the days.

We went to the gas chamber and crematory next. Apparently, when they first started gassing people, they didn’t know how much to use. So when the next wave of people coming in to die arrived, they removed all the dead bodies but kept the ones that had survived the first gassing in there to be re-gassed.

Thoughts that ran through my mind:

  1. The people coming in here have no idea what’s about to happen to them. They can just hear the screaming pain the leftover people have to go through. Then they have to go in the room with said people. What the fuck is going on through your mind.

  2. Surviving being gassed. What do you….say to these people coming in? Do you say anything? Can you say anything?

I couldn’t get out of this building fast enough.

Back at Berkenau, there is only one wagon from a train that was left here that imported all the Jews to the camp. They jam packed these wagons full of people, never stopped for bathroom breaks or to eat, and when they arrived to Birkenau, there would sometimes be a few dead people among the living.

The last question I had for the guide was if people tried to commit suicide to which she said flippantly, ”oh yeah, of course. I personally would rather be…gassed.” I asked her why and she said the only way people could commit suicide is by running into the barbed wire and bleeding to death. But because they’re so damn weak, they can’t run very fast. So they slightly jog into the barbed wire and have to flail their limbs and head to cut themselves. And if the guard saw you or heard you because of the screaming, they would just let it happen rather than shooting you and putting you out of your misery.

So glad I asked.

I couldn’t get out of Auschwitz fast enough.

The fact that this is still very fresh in my mind is why I was seeing red immediately when I saw Pokebastards are catching Pokemon at the Holocaust Museum. I just…don’t understand…what is going through your mind? Why are you on the game in the first place? Is the Holocaust boring you? Sorry it’s not more interesting than seeing a wild Bulbasaur.

I don’t give a shit if you play the game. Hell, I’m pissed I didn’t invent the game from a financial perspective, but show some respect you goddamn idiots.


10 thoughts on “Pokemon Go fuck yourself.

  1. Jeff

    This reminds me of how I felt in Dealey Plaza watching dudebros in an Austin 3:16 tshirt take smiling selfies on the X in the road that marks the spot JFK’s head was blown out.

    People are morons.

  2. Ange

    Pretty much echoed all of my thoughts on this matter. I’m fine with the game itself, just not the idiots playing the game who make poor choices like this.

  3. John Poltrack

    Whenever I think we’ve reached the absolute bottom, you see an asshat walk in with a shovel. Thank you for posting this. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the same behavior at the 9-11 museum which I am STILL not ready to visit.

  4. Krista

    I was completely floored when I read that article as well, and it only got worse when I continued to read and saw the part about the Pokemon that greets you in the lobby (something about poisonous gas coming out of it’s mouth)…although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Either way. People are so insensitive.

    I was not aware of the room with the hair. Although I was aware of the rooms with the other belongings. I also did not know about the standing rooms.

  5. Lisa | Thirtysomething Belle

    Are you fucking serious? I read this and saw red myself. Such a heartbreaking, sombre location and the fuckwits have such little respect?! I’m truly gobsmacked. I actually read this post out loud to my fiancé who is equally disgusted. I’m embarrassed by my generation…

  6. Kooky Chic

    I had to listen to a group of tourists squabbling as to where they would eat lunch when I was visited the Dachau camp. They were loud and obnoxious and obviously oblivious to all they were seeing. It was maddening and I will never forget their blatant lack of respect. As for your post, I have no words.

  7. Sophia

    If it’s any consolation, if these people can’t focus and put down their phones at the holocaust museum, it’s safe to assume they’re not present in their lives anywhere.

    It’s all going to pass them by while they stare at a tiny screen. The price they’ll pay is missing out on living a full life. Like some type of ideological Darwinism.


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