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You know who needs glasses? Almost everyone! You know who needs sunglasses? Definitely everyone! Because the sun is a thing that happens to this planet. I have been wearing glasses for centuries, or more accurately, since I was 12 and have moved out of wearing contacts 90% of the time because glasses are cool. When scientists created prescription sunglasses, life as I knew it was instantly better.

Much like everyone else, I had always bought glasses in-store at outrageously expensive prices even though I didn’t care that a brand name was plastered on the side of it. When I learned that you could buy glasses online, I pulled an Archimedes and exclaimed “God bless the internet!” which is obviously what he meant by “Eureka!”

Recently, I went to and perused the huge selection of glasses frames to choose from. Naturally, there were about 8 pairs I wanted immediately but only grabbed the one. I decided to go with something I wouldn’t normally buy which are medium sized dark frames. No, I went with big sized dark and light frames. Living on the wild side is what I do often.

glasses shop

glasses shopThe top frame is a medium/lightish brown and the bottom is a gold thin metal strip. And they are the bomb diggity. I have had quite a few comments on them and people asking me where they’re from. Glasses Shop! I took these bad boys on my Europe trip and they survived being tossed around in hostels and hiking the Bavarian mountains. I’d say that’s pretty solid.

So, I also decided to order a new pair of prescription sunglasses because the ones I have are about 5 years old and my prescription has definitely changed 100 times between then and now. If you’ve never had prescription sunglasses, I cannot recommend them enough.

glasses shop

glasses shopThe sunglasses have a really nice dark red frame and thin gold arms. They look MINT. I get so many comments on them! When I was looking to order a pair of sunglasses, I noticed that when putting in my prescription, it only went up to a certain number. Meaning I am too blind for sunglasses, oye vey story of my life.

I asked their help services what to do about it and they got back to me within the hour. They said their sunglasses only go to a specific number, which I knew, and that I should just order a regular pair of glasses and tint them. Perfect. So that’s exactly what I did. It was sweet that they have a ton of different tinting colours (blue, green, pink, brown, yellow, grey, purple) and I decided to go with brown.

If you’re looking for cheap glasses, Glasses Shop is the place to check out. They were fast, accurate and the quality is pretty amazing for the price. Being that this is a collaboration with Glasses Shop, my fabulous readers get a smashing discount if you decide to shop here. Just put GSHOT50 in the coupon code and enjoy 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, sales frames not included.

I will definitely be shopping here from now on and you should too.

glasses shop

*Glasses were provided by Glasses Shop, however, all opinions are my own.
*All photos taken by PhiLam Nguyen, check out his photography website at


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  1. I’m in complete agreement: Prescription sunglasses are better than indoor plumbing. Well, for the most part. Right now I’m having an intimate relationship with a pair of Gucci scrip sunglasses, and our love is deep. I go into panic attacks if I don’t know the exact location of my beloved at all times. (P.S. How does one become a supermodel for a glasses company? Is tawdriness involved? I don’t mind tawdriness, I just need to know what type of outfit to wear for the interview…)

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