Donald Trump are words good.

This is my first post dedicated to America’s fearless piece of shit leader, Donald Trump. I absolutely do not know how to hold back when it comes to talking about him and I know for a fact that I’d be beaten to a pulp at a Trump rally because that’s…just what happens at those rallies when you aren’t in complete agreeance with all the other idiot goddamn supporters. THANK GOD I’M WHITE, STRAIGHT, AND PRIVILEGED, M I RITE?

Well, we’re off to a good start here. The rage just takes over.

So Trump was running his mouth again about abortion and trying to retract and fix what he had said to the media about it. I remember when he first announced that women who get abortions should be punished, I genuinely laughed out loud. Honestly, for me, watching all this Trump hoopla is wildly entertaining albeit in a very real and depressing way. It’s dark comedy, which is right up my fucking alley.

Then in March he clarified that the women won’t be punished, it’s the doctors who perform the surgery that would be punished. Back in 1999, he was apparently very pro-choice and RECENTLY stated that the laws are set and we should keep them that way…. only for his spokesperson to come back and say “oh he only meant until he was president. Then he’d change the law.”

What are you doing.

So NOW he went on MSNBC and said:

He was asking me a theoretical, or just a question in theory, and I talked about it only from that standpoint. Of course not. And that was done, he said, you know, I guess it was theoretically, but he was asking me a rhetorical question, and I gave an answer. And by the way, people thought from an academic standpoint, and asked rhetorically, people said that answer was an unbelievable academic answer. But of course not, and I said that afterwards. Everybody understands that.


Donald Trump

Honey, you need to learn how to words before you speak. In public. As a Republican rep. Not that it matters, the idiots will continue to idiot and vote for this creature because “he’s just saying what we’re all thinking.” 

The more people who claim this, the more I realize how much I fucking hate people.
He is not saying what I am thinking. At all. Ever in life forever. Don’t lump me into that shit.

God I miss the days when Sarah Palin was a big thing. It was depressing, but….adorable.


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  1. He’s not our leader, he just wants to be. Maybe he should learn to use words. As I recall Sara had the same problem with words, like making sentences. Maybe they share the same speechwriter?

  2. People really DO suck ass. Goddamn. I’m embarrassed on behalf of all Americans. Gah

  3. While Trump is clearly an asshole for what he is doing and saying, he’s merely following the Republican game-plan, which is to constantly stir the gumbo of racism and ignorance that is the staple of the right-wing diet. The real source of blame here is the “idiot goddamn supporters”, as you so delightfully put it. If it wasn’t for this snarling pack of clueless, inbred, bigoted clusterfucks in the gene pool, with their heads so far up their supremacist asses that they need TWO sets of blinders, Trump would never have been anything more than a brief, wimpy fart on the political radar. But I’m not bitter. And I apologize to the farts of the world for the possible slander…

  4. Trump tends to say anything. At any time. Which may contradict what he may have said the week/day/half an hour before. The terrifying realisation is the one day I may watch the TV news and hear the presenter say,
    “President Trump met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today, to discuss the proposed bombing of any country whose people ‘look a bit funny'”…

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