Book review: Wingéd by Colleen Houser.

This is my first book review, EVER. I somewhat keep up with my goodreads account, but I tend to forget about it a lot and I never review anything on there. When someone asks my opinion on a book they know I’ve read, it’s usually followed by me saying “It was good!” or “It was shit!” and that…..about sums it up. BUT LET’S DO THIS. I WILL TRY TO USE MORE WORDS.

book review

My talented friend Colleen Houser wrote and self-published a book called Wingéd, along with three other books called Foiche Dé, Dragon Wingéd and Wingless. In the first book, Wingéd, the action starts right away and doesn’t stop. I went in to read the first couple of paragraphs and I ended up polishing off 5 chapters on the spot because it was so engaging. Houser’s ability to suck you in is an authors dream and she nailed it.

The book is about a young woman, Friedel McBride, who is taken from the mortal world and thrown into a world of divinity. In this divine world, there are spirits of all kinds to guide the living who are called Wingéd. In order for Friedel to become Wingéd, she must face her mistakes she made as a human and take the Leap off a huge cliff in the mountains in hopes that a spirit latches onto her. Because Friedel is a bit mischievous, she comes to the realization that the Wingéd are in danger and is the only one who can bring forth the evils lurking in the halls of her new home and defeat them before they find out who she really is.

If you’re looking for action, romance, fantasy, mythology, adventure and delicious sass, you’ve come to the right book. The protagonist is flawed as hell and someone you can really relate to and identify with, which personally helps me when I’m reading a book. Houser’s ability to describe the surroundings and the Wingéd characters really made me feel like I was part of it.

If you think you need to be religious to get on with this book because of the divinity aspect, you would be incorrect. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind as it is an easy and very enjoyable read.

You can purchase her book(s) online at her amazon store (kindle is available!) and read more of the awesome reviews left for her, as everyone on the planet is better at words than I am. The rest of her books can also be purchased online, too!

Because Houser is the shit, she will be doing a book signing at Comic Sense in Belpre, Ohio on May 7th. So, if you’re in the neighborhood, maybe drop in and say howdy!

Below is a short video that was put together for her book, Wingéd.


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