Off to Seattle!

Well, I was going to write more before I left for Seattle, but that just ain’t gonna happen.

I have to like, pack, and stuff. 

I leave for Seattle on Thursday and plan on packing Wednesday night. Being that it’s already Tuesday now, tomorrow is Wednesday. It’s a wibbly wobbly world we live in. Because I am constantly parked at the procrastination station, I’m not too worried about it. Tonight, we have some friends coming over to discuss our Month in Europe trip (my life sounds so glamorous), and tomorrow I’m also apparently going for wings.

I mean, it IS Wing Wednesday, how do I say no. Packing does itself, really.

I’m also getting really sick. Which is fabulous as I haven’t been sick in what feels like forever so naturally my body was like HEY YOU’RE ABOUT TO ENJOY A SOLID WEEKEND NOT IN EDMONTON, HERE, HAVE SOME SINUS & THROAT ISSUES. Thanks, body. Thanks for doing me a solid.

The last time I was in Seattle, it was 2008. Some friends and I drove down and I was able to see my most favourited band in the world: Weezer. It was absolutely amazing. The feeling I had when the lights started to turn off is something I have never felt at a concert before. My head went all fuzzy and I had a “I literally cannot even right now” moment, only that phrase didn’t fucking exist back then.

And then the stage lights hollered at us and My Name Is Jonas dropped.

1924072_97922220536_3034_n SeattleRemember when disposable cameras were a thing? Good times.

The first time I went to Seattle, not sure why I’m doing this out of order but I’ve come too far, was to see Daft Punk in 2007. See, the problem with living in Edmonton, and especially back in single digit 2000’s, is that bands hardly ever came to Edmonton. If they’re throwing Canada on their tour, it was always Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal.


But on the plus side, this means road trips are a plenty and who doesn’t love a good road trip? I had been a fan of Daft Punk but it wasn’t until after this concert that I absolutely fell in love. I still play the live album from this tour OFTEN because it’s so fucking good.

I think I burned a solid 7000 calories after this concert.

Seattle 1909739_18208655536_2325_nPicture quality on FLEEK.
(yet another term that didn’t exist back then.)
((check out that flip phone tho.))

So it’s been a hundred years since I’ve been to Seattle and I figured it was time for another trip to my most favourite city, that Trump hasn’t ruined yet, in America. I don’t think he’s ruined it yet, I could be completely mistaken.

This time, I’m not going for a concert but for a comedy show. If you don’t know who Noel Fielding is, I’m sorry your life is shitty and boring. JUST JOKING KIND OF. He’s a British comedian who is often on panel shows, one half of The Mighty Boosh, and even though I dress like him zero percent, he is totally a fashion icon of mine. I find him absolutely hysterical because his comedic timing is on goddamn point. I believe this is his first North American tour, and naturally isn’t coming to Edmonton, so I knew I had to get my ass to Seattle to see him.

Not only do I get to see Noel live but I also get to hang out with my friends Jess & Becky which almost makes me more excited than seeing Noel. ALMOST. Being that I’ve been to Seattle twice before, I don’t need to see the touristy spots. Been there done that. I’m more into seeing where my bitches hang out.

Which apparently includes a goth club.


Go watch Letterkenny RIGHT now.


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