March Madness: A tale of unintentional sexism.

As you ALL know, it’s March Madness up in here. It’s the one time a year I actually give a shit about basketball. College b-ball is a ton of fun to watch. The games are not as long and it’s more of a team sport than the NBA. Not to mention, it’s like the players LIVES are on the line.

Apparently if you’re a female though, you get left out of the March Madness talk.

Obviously all my friends know that I am all about The Sports, but when it comes to meeting people you don’t know, or barely know, I get left out of The Sports talk and I’m always the one having to throw my opinion in there only to have The Men stop, stare, and say “oh, I didn’t know you were into sports.”


Here I was in a vehicle with two dudes I know on a first name basis (let’s call them Bob and Joe) but not much more than that. We were all chatting about our plans for the weekend, plans for the summer, you know, the basic bullshitting people do. But, everyone was involved in the conversation. It was a “so what are you two up to for the summer?” and “what are you two doing this weekend?”

Then, the inevitable happened:

Bob: Hey Joe, are you in a fantasy pool for March Madness?
Joe: For….what?
Bob: March Madness. The college basketball tournament?
Joe: Oh, I’ve never heard of…it.
Bob: Huh. Well, you can join mine!
Joe: I don’t watch basketball at all.
Bob: Eh, it’s mostly just for fun.
Joe: Alright, I’ll think about it!

And scene.

March Madness

Hey Bob, where was my invitation? All the other conversations not 3 seconds prior to the Boycott Vaginas section involved everyone present. Throw in some sports talk and it’s like I just threw some tampons at everyone. I also like hockey, football, and tennis, thanks for asking. And even though I fight every second of it, I will admit to occasionally enjoy wrestling.

I could have said something, normally I do say something, I could have brought up the fact that I’m in a pool for March Madness, but I didn’t.  I can let bygones be bygones, until I feel like blogging about it.

I call it unintentional because I do think most men are just completely clueless. And sometimes they aren’t, sometimes they’re just straight up dicknoses. But in this case, I think it was dicknoseless. I don’t know why there is still a ‘Man Like Sport, Woman Like Cooking’ mentality in this 2016 world, but it needs to end. Joe up there didn’t even know what March Madness was. And who gives a shit? I’m sure the day will never come when I’m just automatically involved in The Sports talk with relative man strangers, but here’s friggin hoping.

PS: I’m in 4th place.
PPS: 2nd & 3rd place? Both women, so suck it Bob.
PPPS: Damn you straight to hell Michigan State.
PPPPS: I’m currently cooking soup while husband watches March Madness. Go fuck yourself.


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  1. I used to care about college basketball, until all the stars played one year and then left. Now you hardly get to know anyone and they leave. I’ll stick with my Spurs and their incredible luck in NBA thanks.

  2. Oh, I hear you on this. I love college basketball too. Fuck the NBA though. I get the same sort of crap. It’s like we don’t exist when it comes to sports. I’ve tried to join conversations and I get completely ignored. What is that shit?

    PS – The top 3 brackets in mine are also all women. Ha!

  3. I don’t have anything meaningful to contribute to the conversation, since I don’t regularly watch ANY type of sports. (Unless alcohol is involved. Hand me enough beers and I’ll watch whatever the fuck you want me to watch, as long as you keep handing.) But with you and Blair both being rather soap-boxy about it, I felt compelled to make a comment so we could all be outraged together, even if I fully meet the stereotype-requirements that little gay boys couldn’t care less if the running men get the ball in the hoop or not. There are much more interesting things to do with balls… 😉

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