Choose what Carolyn watches next.

WELL, now that I’m done my shitty reviews of Harry Potter, and oh what a lovely 8 weeks it was, I need a new movie series to watch. Specifically one that I give zero fucks about because maybe it will have the Fred Weasley affect on me and I will fall in love with it.

But instead of just deciding what’s next on my own, I’m giving everyone else the opportunity to choose what I should torture myself with.

What should Carolyn watch next?

  • The Hunger Games (36%, 25 Votes)
  • Twilight (33%, 23 Votes)
  • Star Wars (30%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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Choose what Carolyn watches next

I haven’t seen any of these movies. Okay, that’s a lie, I did see the first Twilight movie when it first came out back in 2008. I dragged my fresh to death boyfriend, now husband, to this movie and the fact that he didn’t dump me immediately after is a testament to how much he loves me. Or how stupid he is, who knows, really.  I read the first book and hated every second of it so I’m not entirely sure why I went to see the movie. Chances are, if you hate a book, the movie will be worse. Lo and behold, it was fucking awful.

I learned a long time ago that Vampires don’t sparkle.

As for Star Wars, I know, I know, I’m crazy for never seeing it but I blame everyone but myself. Aren’t my so called friends the ones who were supposed to watch them with me? Or my parents to introduce them to me? So not my fault.

I don’t know a fucking thing about The Hunger Games except Thor’s brother (not Loki) is in it, I like Jennifer Lawrence, and that I often volunteer as tribute to things I really really want. Graeme, the husband, watched the first movie purely out of boredom and fell asleep. To be fair, he falls asleep during all movies. The most recent one being Interstellar.

So, his opinion is moo.

What should Carolyn watch next

But your opinions are not moo. They are full moot.
No, wait, that would mean they are still pointless and unnecessary.
They are better than a cow. They’re dolphins. Because dolphins are smart.

I’m going to bed.


20 Responses

  1. Voted for Star Wars for two reasons.
    1. I think everyone needs to have seen them at least once.
    2. There are some really terrible scenes, plot points, characters, and general nonsense in them that need to be made fun of. Really. Oh, and don’t forget to consume plenty of caffeine before watching The Phantom Menace (if Star Wars wins)…that was quite awful and a bit of a snoozer. At the very least, don’t operate heavy machinery while watching.

    But of course my opinion is probably moo.

  2. I voted Star Wars…but I would like to see you include A Very Star Wars Christmas and The Star Wars Holiday Special…because…they are awful. Ha ha.

  3. Don’t do Star Wars, I’ve never seen it and would rather your blog entries be relevant to my life THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4. My vote onky matters if you watch Star Wars in the correct order. 1,2,3, Christmas Special, 4,5,6.

    In all seriousness though, episodes 4,5,6 then … Maybe episodes 1,2,3

  5. Star Wars is the choice to make followed by The Hunger Games, and just forget about Twilight because its utter tripe.

  6. You could watch Star Wars, but which one? The first one that used to be the third one with Mark Hammill as a boy? The second one that was in fact the fourth one no the third one because everybody loved the first one. No it was the fourth one. Or… oh I’m fed up with this.
    Whichever one you choose, just remember, it’s a kids’ film. Like the other two. Like all the other films kidults get excited about: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, any comic book character in a film.
    So, you choose. Entertain me. No pressure.

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