Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.

Harry Potter time! Naturally, the final movie had to be split into two movies. Classic. Classic move, movie industry. I have no qualms about it because part of the the love of my life, The Hobbit, is only about 300 pages and was put into three movies stretched over three years and were roughly 3 hours each. And you know why? Because money. And who doesn’t want to see Gandalf for another three years? Crazy people. You know who didn’t kill off their beloved wizard in a horrible way, Rowling? Tolkien. That’s who. Okay fine, so Saruman went evil and we had him killed off in a Tumbledoring way….

Welp, this is my stop to hop off the ol’ tangent train.

You do you Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Okay, so, Dumbledore is dead. And that sucks.

OH MY GOD IS THAT FUCKING BILL NIGHY. If there’s one thing Harry Potter nailed, it’s the casting. And Ginny. ZING.

7 years with the same glasses, Potter. Not very fashionable bro.

Ummm, is Hermione just…..not existing in her family anymore? That’s wildly depressing.

Screw em, Hermione, bunch of muggle dentists.

Ugh Snape. I love you forever.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.Walk into the club like what up, that’s my friend hanging.

Oh HEY Voldemort.

I’m surprised Voldemort and Dumbledore aren’t brothers.

Can we…explain the random hanging upside down girl or no?

I’m still thinking Snape is a good guy. He’s going to turn shit around.

Yay, flashback to Tumbledore.

Why is Harry getting sentimental about a house he clearly has terrible memories from.

Haha, remember Dobby? Thank god he’s not here.

Oh good, all the characters I like are turning into Harry. Ugh.

Meatloaf’s broomstick is the BEST.


“Thank goodness you two are alright.” – Ron’s mom. Yeah, except your entire family is in danger? Like, literally all of them.

Well at least no one I gave a shit about died.

There’s a wedding? Did….I miss something.

God, when did Ron get hot.

LUNAAAAAAAAAAA. Luna needs her own movie.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.This bitch is fabulous.

Oh Hermione, I’m going to need that purse.

UGH, Ron and Hermione almost touching hands whilst sleeping. JUST KISS ALREADY.

Goddammit. Fake Dobby/Gollum.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.

sdfjkgbhodjfhgoiH!IJ!I) J opisdjf osdfhv………….UMBRIDGE.


I wish these random three people were always Ron, Hermione and Harry. They’re killing me.

HHAAHHA Ron turning back into Ron. Ahahahahaha.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.“I will bring the Horcrux to Mordor”

Oh good, Ron thinks Harry and Hermione were banging. Can’t wait for dat angst.

You know what would pass the time guys? A threesome. I mean really, the sexual tension between the three of you is annoying. Bang it out.

Bye Ron! Can’t wait for you to show up in the nick of time and apologize for everything!

This tent is a Tardis. Bigger on the inside.

Okay, Harry and Hermione dancing, ADORABLE FOREVER.

The town where Harry’s dead parents are buried is really cute and I would like to know more about it.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.Harry Potter dead fanfiction? What the….fuck.

Harry, you’re going to freeze to death.

Oh look, it’s Ron, saving the day in the nick of time. Didn’t see that coming.

WHAT THE FUCK, Fake Harry and Hermione naked kissing is the last thing I ever needed to see.

The word twilight is forever ruined for me.

“The humble man….” HUMBLEDORE?

The deathly hallows story about the second brother is extremely depressing.

If Luna dies I will literally kill everyone who told me to watch Harry Potter.

Carolyn watches Harry Potter. Part 7. Part 1.How can they not tell that’s Harry. Jesus Christ.


Maybe Draco saves the day. He doesn’t seem to want to be there.


Remember when Snape was in this movie? Me neither.

OH, that’s the end. NEAT.


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      1. Good to hear that. Half of the book was “Harry and Hermione’s Grand Camping Adventure Through Random Forests!”, they did a pretty good job of not making that drag too much in the movie.

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