My evening with Foo Fighters.

Now that we know the whole Foo Fighters Breaking Up And Destroying Our Lives In The Process debacle was just the Foo trolling the world like the goddamn sons of bitches/bosses they are, I have decided to reminisce about the time I finally saw them live.

My evening with Foo Fighters

I have loved Foo Fighters since 1999 when I turned on Much Music and the Learn To Fly music video came on. Y’know, this was back when music channels actually played music. Those were the good ol’ days. I immediately became hooked because that video is TOP notch and the song is now forever one of my favourites.

Foo Fighters have come to Edmonton about 10084750983200 times and I’ve never gone. I’ve either been too poor or can’t get tickets fast enough. The tickets for this show went on sale January 2014. The only way to get tickets was to lineup outside Rexall and wait. Well, standing outside in January in Edmonton for more than 10 minutes is a HARD no. So I didn’t. But my friends Kelsey & Aaron did. And Kelsey was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

It’s unreal how good a friend I am.

My moment with Foo FightersMe: So this is what it’s like to be an Oiler.
Friend Matt: Except not every single person in the building hates you.

I got the surprise text a couple days later asking if I wanted to come. Hell yes!

Kelsey was going back and forth on which tickets she wanted to keep for us. I told her I didn’t care either way, but was secretly hoping for seats as I thought I was getting too old for this floor shit. I hate standing, crowds, trying to see over everyone’s head, smelly people and if someone kicks me in the head from crowd surfing, I will cut a bitch.

So she picked the floor.


Without question one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and it definitely cracked the top 5.

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Daft Punk
  3. Weezer
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Barenaked Ladies

Sorry Red Hot Chili Peppers, you’ve been cut. If you don’t give me FEELINGS at a concert, you ain’t gonna make it.

You know that feeling when you finally get to see a band that you’ve loved since childhood? There’s nothing QUITE like it. And when they started playing Learn to Fly, I leaned over to my handsome friend Joel (we had an army of people with us) and yelled ”I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR 16 YEARS.” He put his arms around my shoulders and we swayed & sang until the chorus dropped. I promptly kicked him to the curb, belted the shit out of it, threw the devil horns in the air like I just didn’t EVEN care and head banged like the 15 year old boy I am.

Nostalgia hit me real good as I started tearing up because I’m awkward and hopeless and desperate for love.

So you all know Dave broke his leg in Sweden. At this concert, he was still in his cast and rockin’ his throne. Oh my god, his throne is amazing. The stage was set up in a T shape. The middle of the horizontal part is where his throne was set up, with the rest of the band behind him. His throne would move back and forth up the vertical part which meant I was close enough to him to read his tattoos and hump his cast.

At one point when Dave was on his throne 20ft away from me, I caught his eye and did that Slowly Smile Extremely Wide Because Your Crush Is Also Looking At You and I would put $100 down that he did the ~~~same thing~~~

Obviously Dave Grohl has a crush on me.

Okay fine, maybe it was just me.

My moment with Foo Fighters
Edmonton Sun

Taylor Hawkins showing no mercy.

When Dave introduced Taylor, he started playing Tom Sawyer by Rush to show off his mad drum skills. Then Dave was like ”Taylor can actually sing like Geddy Lee!” to which Taylor was like ”NOPE. CAN’T. ACTUALLY.” Ain’t nobody able to sing like Geddy Lee.

Near the end of the show, the crowd started chanting TOM SAWYER! so Dave said ”Welp, we can play the song but I can’t fucking sing it since I don’t know the lyrics. No one knows ALL the fucking lyrics.” and some guy on the floor was like ”I CAN AND DO!” and so him and Dave went back and forth like ”you know ALL the lyrics? and you sound like Geddy? fuck you! no way!” so he pulled this rando on stage and I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW GODDAMN UNREAL RANDO WAS. He NAILED the shit out of Tom Sawyer. It was definitely a highlight.

They played all of their hits, which was enough to fill up the 2 1/2 hour show. Besides Learn to Fly, my personal highlight of the show were the acoustic versions of My Hero & Times Like These.

They ended the show with All My Life which was HELLA fun to belt out but another favourite moment was when Best of You came on. The audience took over the “Ohh” part and sang it repeatedly a billion times while the band just sat there watching us as the lights didn’t flicker or move at all, they just stayed blue and bright.


If you ever get the chance to check out one of your favourite bands, do NOT pass it up. Don’t say you don’t have time, no one to go with, or that you’re poor like I did for a million years, screw everyone, screw time, dig into that precious savings account and go.

My moment with Foo FightersThe one and only picture I took during Best of You.


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  1. Yet it only made it to #4?! Weezer is my #1 (UM HELLO, ENTIRE BLUE ALBUM FROM START TO FINISH) but Foos are definitely the runners-up. Muse is pretty damn close, but FOOS.

  2. lmao, awesome post, and great humor as always.

    “If you ever get the chance to check out one of your favourite bands, do NOT pass it up.” I couldn’t have said it better. I saw them when they came to Wrigley Field, and they put on an absolutely amazing show. At 35, I feel like the weird old guy going to concerts as I walk in…but that quickly dissipates as I get lost in the music and energy of the show. Beer helps make that weird feeling go away too. Go figure.

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