6 blogging tips I have chosen to ignore.

Well, I’ve had my blog for roughly two and a half months now so clearly I know everything about everything when it comes to blogging. I’m practically a pro. I don’t need no blogging tips. LIES. These are all lies. Over the past two months, I’ve been looking around online to see how I can improve this bitch. I’ve taken into consideration a few things but there are some tips I just…can’t…give a shit to do. Maybe down the road when my blog isn’t such a fetus anymore, I will actually change my mind of such advice.

But today is not that day.

1. Give Stuff Away.

No. I don’t want to. I realize this is a great way to draw in viewership as people are slaves to free shit, but this is not my jam. Also, I have nothing of value to give away, nor do I want to give away any of my own shit. What am I going to do, go out and BUY stuff to give away to a random stranger? That sounds like something I’m not going to do.

Then I would have to randomly pick someone to win and I’d feel bad for all the losers and beg for them to stay and be my friend and guarantee that they will EVENTUALLY win something. WHICH MEANS I WOULD HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN.

So, now that I’ve complained and said I wouldn’t give anything away, I’m here to announce that I am giving away this pen:

5 Blogging tips I have chosen to ignore

Yep, I’m dead serious.

This pen can be yours for free! Just email me at carolynmdickson@gmail.com with the subject PEN and tell me why you should be picked to receive this pen. I actually quite like this pen. It hasn’t been used as I just got it, but it’s purple and when I tested it, it writes nicely.

Basically, it’s a pen.

I will choose the winner on March 9th. Don’t forget, if you want to win, you have to be willing to give me your address so I can mail it to you. Don’t worry, I probably won’t stalk you.

2. Be Consistent.

This basically means I should pick certain days I should write on and stick to them. Some people pick Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Others will do Monday – Friday. Weekends only. Etc, etc. I thought long and hard about doing this but then I realized I have a life outside of this blog and I tend to procrastinate at all times forever. The other problem I have with this advice is what if I don’t have anything to write about on the day I have to post?

I don’t think that would be a huge issue for me as I could probably blog every damn day. I choose not to strictly because that would be annoying as hell.

I know the advice out there is that if you want your blog to become wildly successful to the point you could quit your day job, you practically need to dedicate every waking moment of your life to your blog until it’s perfection.

That sounds boring. And hard. So, I’m just going to keep posting my shit whenever the hell I want and just pretend like I’m doing the right thing.

3. Use Proper Capitalization In Your Titles.

As you can see, I have chosen to ignore this one big time. The correct way to title this post is 6 Blogging Tips I Have Chosen to Ignore. When I’m posting an article on another website like Huffington Post, I definitely follow the rules. Chances are, if I don’t, they’ll just do it for me anyways which has totally happened. #nailedit.

But on my own personal blog, I’mma title shit the way I want to title shit. I’ve noticed on basically 99% of all blogs, people follow this rule. But if my favourite blogger, The Bloggess, who is insanely successful and perfect in every way can get away with not capitalizing shit correctly, I don’t see why I can’t either.

4. Pick A Niche And Stick With It.

What is your blog about?
1. Cooking?
2. Parenting?
3. DIY?
4. Government?
5. Travel?

No, no, no, no, sometimes. Everyone is thankful that there are blogs out in this interwebby world that you can look up and have the perfect advice for what you need. My blog is not that. I actually was going to start a travel blog before I realized I had a lot more to talk about than just travel. So it became a…..I Don’t Even Know blog. I guess lifestyle? Even though I’m not a huge fan of that word. It doesn’t fall under any niche. It’s nicheless. And I enjoy it more this way.

This is a tip I will never follow.

5. Make Sure Your Blog Looks Professional.

Sure, I could hire someone to make my blog look like I actually know what I’m doing regarding CSS, HTML and other…words I don’t really understand all to well, but do you know how much it costs to get a profesh site? MONEY. That’s how much. And probably a lot too. Not that I’ve actually researched it at all but I would rather put my hard earned money (not really) towards something I really really want or need. Like a cheeseburger.

Also, my background colour is Tardis blue so fuck you.

5 tips for your blog I have chosen to ignore

6. Make Sure You Summarize At The End Of Each Post.



23 Responses

  1. LMFAO! XD I’m tempted to email you to “win” that pen. Mostly so I have an excuse to give you my address so you can stalk me. Please stalk me! I want to feel famous! XD

    I also procrastinate and do better with a nicheless format. ALL of my blogs before this one were nicheless and I wrote nearly every day. When I feel pressured to stay with any one subject then I find myself getting distracted by other things far more easily.

    At the end of the day, my blog does not generate income for me, so fuck it.

    1. I’d love to stalk you <3

      Yes! It's like having to write an essay in school on a topic that was chosen for you. No, I want to write about cats and spaceships, not the French Revolution.

  2. Kudos on being a fellow nonconformist! As far as I’m concerned, marching to the beat of your own drum is always the way to go. 😀

    Oh, and that whole pen giveaway was a hilarious touch. 😀

  3. Excellent post…and couldn’t agree with your points more. I’ve been doing the same reading, the same analyzing, and the same contemplating and kept coming back to the idea that I need to write because of me…and if my blog takes off, great….but I can’t (or don’t want to) change who I am, what I write about, or force out posts just for the sake of posting.

    “I’m just going to keep posting my shit whenever the hell I want” – damn straight.

  4. Heh, this makes me feel better about my failure of a blog. I tried to pick a day to always write. I tried to make it look professional. I tried to make it about a certain topic, aaaaaand I can’t. Which is why I’ve pretty much abandoned it. Oh well.

    … Also that looks like a pretty cool pen.

    1. I haven’t been doing the blog thing very long but I can’t seem to make it more specific than just whatever garbage pops into my head. That said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, especially when it is funny. Funny doesn’t need a lot of direction. Just laughs.

  5. Hysterical and completely on point! I just laughed until I snorted. And since you liked “I hate a shoe.” for me I thank you for appreciating my refusal to conform to proper capitalization. Or grammar. Or proper anything else. Basically, my own blog will end up being mostly about literal shit from various species anyway. I only started it because all my Facebook friends insisted I should. Probably because they wanted to opt out of my status based rants without (gasp) defriending me. The horror! I rather like the pen. Dear Madam, ….

    1. Like, what even IS grammar.

      Hahahaha, “hey friend you should start a blog about all the rants you have….so I can still be friends with you on Facebook…”

      Social media is great.

  6. Love the post. I am with you on every single point. Who says we have to be perfect? Aren’t we supposed to be enjoying writing??? I did the same thing re: starting as a travel blog. And while I met some great folks and read a bunch of terrific blogs, I also found parts of the travel blogging world to be a bit intimidating and frankly – pretty weird. And sometimes boring. Other times competitive and irksome. It just didn’t seem to be a fit. Maybe my direction-less blog will find a direction someday. For now, I am perfectly happy. And I really enjoy reading yours. You are on the right path, no doubt.

    1. Thanks so much!

      Very interesting to hear about the travel blogging world being shady in some aspects. You’d think it would be filled with chill people since traveling non-stop is kind of FOR chilled people. I’m glad you got out of it when you wanted to instead of being a slave to the blogging.

  7. Yeah! I’d been into “find your niche – fill your blog” time (sadly and happy that its passed), but now i keep it simple(i think i do) … at some point in time when i was hardpressed to do timely posts like mon-something; tuesday-something blah blah i said F* it and i am done with this! so I’m back to free thinking 😛
    Good to read your tips 😉
    PS: could i get that pen pls? 😛 lmao

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