I came for the violence.

ryan reynolds

First of all, I love that “ass” is just on repeat behind Mr. Reynolds.

Second of all, yes. Yes to everything. I was completely unaware that the studio execs still thought this way. I’m a huge fan of superhero movies, and you know why? Because of the fighting. Okay, I’m not gonna lie, Thor makes me think dirty things just at the pure goddamn sight of him, but you know why else I enjoy Thor? He kicks the living shit out of people with a hammer. That’s pretty awesome. I know if I were to ever become a superhero, I would want some form of weapon that I could bludgeon a bad guy to death with one blow.

So, the main reason I go to superhero movies is to watch people get their asses kicked, to watch the ultimate bad guy be a boss and murder innocent people for no good reason other than trying to take over the world. I want to see superheroes with super powers and super strength. I want to see epic battles in a non-Michael Bay manner but more of a Peter Jackson Return of The King battle for Middle Earth at Minas Tirith. (Okay, fine, I absolutely love Armageddon, deal with it.)

As much as I enjoy all the death and destruction, I do enjoy me some back story. How did everyone get to where they are? Who hurt you, bad guy, why are you so misunderstood? Chances are, I will probably be silently, or very loudly, rooting for you.

To actively say “we need to market the romantic angle” for women to enjoy the movie, wow. Sure, you get right on that. You know what I do when I saw a new goddamn Nicolas Sparks inspired movie preview on the TV? Change the fucking channel and/or laugh at the onscreen white people having relationship issues. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of women out there who enjoy the shit out of these movies, and that’s all fine and dandy, but they don’t speak for ALL women.

Stop lumping me in one goddamn category.


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