The Daily Mail – Shaming Gillian Anderson.

Recently, The Daily Mail slammed Gillian Anderson about getting tons of work and Botox done on her face. The worst part is, they actually used a photo of her and pointed out all of her possible Botox-y flaws.

First of all, what the fuck are you doing, Daily Mail?
Secondly, have you seen how beautiful Gillian Anderson is, has been and always will be?

Here’s the picture from Daily Mail:

BotoX Files: Fans took to social media to question how Gillian Anderson maintainer her ever-lasting youthLoving this.

Can we not just talk about how Gillian Anderson is kind of an amazing human being rather than judge her looks, which are flawless by the way. No big deal but she’s won 5 Emmys, a Golden Globe, two SAGA awards and has two Laurence Olivier Award nominations. She’s active and supportive in numerous charities and women’s rights movements, and the list continues on.

Oh, she’s also kind of part of this relatively popular show called The X-Files in which she’s a major bad ass and doesn’t have time to deal with your bullshit.

NATURALLY, I decided to make my own Face Breakdown a la The Daily Post.

My mad skill with Microsoft Paint is unREAL.

Even if Gillian did eventually get Botox or surgery at some point in her life, what concern is it to you exactly? It’s her body, it’s her choice. Jesus Christ, women get slammed in this bloody industry for aging WITHOUT getting any work done OR they get slammed for going under the knife. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND, UNIVERSE. Or, for a wild alternative, how about we have the critics stop shaming everyone over the age of 40 and let them live their goddamn lives.

So to everyone making fun of her on twitter, in the news and other forms of social media, it must be hard being perfect, eh?


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  1. Thank you once again media! It is so helpful to be able, through your lens, to scrutinize and revile women who do not maintain their girlish good looks until they turn 90 (and at which point they should have the courtesy to drop dead in their own homes so we are not inconvenienced by their saggy skin.) Look. It’s hard to tell if the author of the Daily Mail piece (I use “author” loosely here) is simply fishing for outcry in order to get hits, or if they are, in actuality, a giant douche intentionally contributing to the social phenomenon of shaming women for succumbing to the ever-increasing pressure of a brutal industry where being yourself isn’t good enough. Botox: you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t amiright? Gillian Anderson, Carrie Fisher, and the rest of us who have to look in the mirror everyday. Thanks, Dickson, for being kick-ass.

  2. Well hello there. Another hilarious post, thank you. Just a little techno glitch – I tried to share your post on Facebook and Twitter but the button just opened the page in a new browser window.

    1. Really? I just tried to do it on my phone and it worked. Hmm. I’ll have to look at it.

      But thanks for trying! If you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter, I know it works there ?

  3. I never fancied Gillian Anderson until she was older. I’m obviously into cosmetically enhanced Canadian ex-pat redheads. By the way, are you medically trained?

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