A loss is a loss.

I know a lot of people who say “it’s weird to mourn over a celebrities death” and I have never understood why that is. Just because I didn’t personally know the man/woman who died, doesn’t mean it didn’t have an effect on me with their passing. And if you can see that I’m visibly upset over it, maybe don’t make a snide remark about it. “It’s not like you knew him…”

Upon hearing the deaths of Heath Ledger, Ryan Dunn, James Avery, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, and now Alan Rickman, I have either shed a couple tears or have broken down crying and cursing the reasons for their deaths. And every single one of them, I have had someone either raise an eyebrow at me, told me chill out, or tell me/the world how they deserved it.

Did you guys know that celebrities are people? They are human goddamn beings. Imagine someone you personally know in the flesh dying. Devastated? I should hope so unless you have no soul. Well guess what, celebrities have those people too. No, I didn’t know any of the above celebrities personally, but it sure felt like I did. I grew up with all of them in some way or another. I watched Heath Ledger and Ryan Dunn’s career develop since day one, James Avery: hello dream dad, I loved PSH since ’96, Hans goddamn Gruber & Marvin the Paranoid Android, and Robin Williams….

Robin Williams death shook me to my fucking core. He could do anything. I had never been so upset over the loss of just another celebrity.

I get emotionally attached to people and the characters they portray extremely easily. I will watch movies/TV shows I have no interest in strictly because my favourite celebrity of mine is in it. I will re-watch their movies/shows 1000 times because they are brilliant. To me, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in their personal life, it’s what’s happening on screen. They bring characters and situations to life that can and have been so relatable to what’s going on in YOUR life and that shit is something I cling onto as hard as possible.

Are we in a world where the obsession with the celebrity lifestyle needs to show some chill? Definitely. But when someone is mourning the loss of their beloved celebrity who they have known for years, rather than telling us it’s weird, how about YOU show some damn chill, stop judging us, and have some respect.


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  1. I would never be one of those people to tell you to calm down. FYI. But it’s true, I downplay my outward emotions regarding celebrity deaths for fear that people will think I’m overreacting/projecting/being a fangirl. I was seriously in a deep funk for a week after Robin Williams passed, and still feel a pit of sadness when I think of him (which is surprisingly often).

    I think it’s easier for people to believe in fictional characters because they never REALLY die. Like, Buffy is never going to die.

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