Phoenix in pictures.

If you told me the following pictures were taken in Phoenix, Arizona, I would probably believe you because why would you lie to me? That would be rude. But they sure don’t look like they were taken in Phoenix, as everyone has been telling me. Maybe the first three do as they are nothing but delicious blue sky, but the rest. Who even knew Phoenix RECEIVED clouds?

So here you have it. My tiny photo journey of Phoenix.

10372772_10156311770225537_5126077836625417697_nGraeme showing up the competition.

23427390634_ca2e72f329_oSome trees of the palm variety.

23449519473_4143b89d36_oOne lone ranger.

23724848869_c42d9589db_oWhere the sky meets the mountains meets the desert.

23630172743_e8aebf8d9a_oMore cloudy than I expected the desert to be.

23804458239_0263d14491_oThe clouds trying to escape the sun.

23961075020_2221c88845_oSeriously though, how are you clouding.

23968078382_5d94081050_oSunset on the golf course.

24022407432_c7a713f70c_oI am the cactus, coo coo cachoo.

24148541312_92b2ccf05f_oSome cacti lounging around.

24174149231_dc03e60a4e_oSome rocky peaks.

24256679885_8fff527132_oLook up, the clouds be spinning.


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  1. Contrary to popular belief, the sun doesn’t always shine in the desert. I lived in Phoenix for several years, and had never even heard of monsoons until I moved there. So yeah, there are the occassional clouds. And heavy rain. And lots and lots of lightning. The weather isn’t nearly as boring as people tend to assume. 😀

    But those goofy cacti, tho…

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