Babysitting a foster dog.

Well…I’m babysitting for a couple hours. So not…really. My boss brought her foster dog into work today. She’s trying to find a home for him but secretly she wants to keep him herself, let’s be real. Being that it’s zero percent busy at work because CHRISTMAS, she brought Deuce in because he’s super chill and won’t cause problems while here.

23263467684_a824d4bb3b_o“I am so problematic.”

So far, he’s done swimmingly. Surprisingly, he doesn’t freak out when people are around. He just wags his tail a bit and loves the attention. He also keeps farting, which….is great because

a) dog farts are smelly.

b) the desk I sit at is tall and no one can see him. Fairly certain people who walk by are probably like GURL, YOU STANK.

But you gotta just roll with the punches. So far, I’ve taken him for a walk around the office so I could show him off. Who doesn’t love dogs? Crazies. That’s who. And I was right, everyone stops to pet him and ask if it’s Bring Your Pet To Work Day.

I mean, look at him. Don’t know if I can do my job and handle this wild animal at the same time. IT’S PRETTY DIFFICULT and OBVIOUSLY distracting. Okay, well, he is a little distracting because puppy. Whenever people come and see him, that’s when it gets tricky to get him back to his “sleeping area”. Sitting at the front desk, EVERYONE wants to pet him and say howdy. And because he has abandonment issues (DON’T WE ALL), he doesn’t like when they walk away.

I’m sure he throws on his puppy dog eyes that try to sucker the people back in when they stop petting him.

Which works. Like, all the time.

Because reasons:

23890928575_847ed2fb2d_o“I am reasons.”


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