The Bucket List

I absolutely believe that everyone should have a bucket list. Strictly because it’s fun to cross shit off on a list. It’s the List of All Lists. King List of Listonia. Lord of the Buckets: Return of the Lists.

My bucket list keeps on growing. I’ll knock something off and add three more. Bucket lists are like New Years Resolutions only you don’t feel like a massive failure when you don’t complete it within the year. These are ongoing and fun and stress free, and give you just a little push towards doing something that feels like an accomplishment. Because lord knows I don’t have a lot of those.

I feel like my bucket list will never be completed because I will continue to add new shit as soon as I hear of something awesome. Bucket lists are not meant for judgement or excuses, they are meant for remembering experiences and fun times SO FUCKING MAKE ONE.

Ride a camel.

This was…beyond amazing. My camels name was Jimi Hendrix and he was the leader of the pack so I got to sit in front and see the Sahara Desert laid out before me. Riding a camel is difficult and painful. After 2 hours of getting to our destination, feeling the sweet ground on my feet again was the best feeling in the world. They walk funny, they do what they want, when they want to. Mounting and getting off a camel was ridiculously funny and awkward. It’s like riding a mechanical bull only real. Loved every second of it.

Machu Picchu.


Experience Midnight Sun.

Cliff dive.

When we were in Slovenia, we went canyoning which meant we had to climb, swim, rappel, and jump off cliffs into small pools of water. It was terrifying and SUCH an adrenaline rush. I also jumped off cliffs in Thailand but no pictures were taken!

Sky dive.

Visit every province & territory in Canada: I’ve been to 6/13!

Get married once.

So far, so good.

Go to an NFL game.

We saw the Cardinals get murdered by the Shithawks in Phoenix. No bueno, but it was still a friggin riot.

Go to a soccer game.


Liverpool vs Tottenham.
When I first started to get into soccer about 5 years ago, I thought to myself: wow, seeing a soccer game live would be FUCKING awesome. And I was correct. The atmosphere is outrageous and everyone is so happy and enthusiastic. Kicked the shit out of sports fans here.

bucket list

bucket list

Awwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, Euro baby!

Ski the Swiss Alps.

See a polar bear.

Go to a concert in another country.


DAFT PUNK in Seattle, 2007.
Ahh, back when flip phones were a thing and people actually brought cameras to concerts.


WEEZER in Seattle, 2008.
Seeing my favourite band ever live was pretty top friggin notch.

Break 100 in a game of golf.

Run a 5k.


When we got home from Europe, I finally decided to do this since I had unlimited free time aka jobless as shit and therefore went to the gym and ran outside often. The 5k finally came and I conquered the SHIT out of it.
Well, I think I did anyways.

Learn another language.

Learn to play an instrument besides the guitar.

White water rafting.

Surf somewhere not Hawaii.

Celebrate New Years in 5 different cities.


Mexico, 2007.


Phoenix, 2015.

Go to Easter Island.

See Big Ben.


Cloudy as fuck.
Red double decker bus.
Big Ben.

See Christ Redeemer.

Take a road trip with no set destination.

Own something.

Still can’t believe I own a Place of Living.

Learn to brew beer.

Meet someone famous who aren’t Oilers.

See something Banksy.

bucket list

Spot the Banksy.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

Get in actual wicked shape.

Attend the Full Moon Party.


This party was the ultimate party. We lazed about and slept the whole day before to prepare for this bad mother. We painted ourselves up all glow-in-the-darky, pre-drank (which is what you see in this picture) and boated our way over to the beach. I have never danced for sooooo long in my life. I’m pretty sure I burned over 23482 calories. We got there at about 9pm that night and there were only about a handful of us left from our group when we went home at 10am the next morning. Exhausting. I couldn’t even get drunk because I kept sweating and dancing it off. I think the best part was dancing to the sun coming up over the ocean.
So. Fucking. Awesome.

Own a 1967 VW Bus.

Go to Dracula’s Castle.

Win more than $5 in the lottery.

Graduate from something other than highschool.

 64443_160334780662921_6383167_n Yeah baby! This was huge for me as I had previously dropped out of college TWICE and was looking at only being a highschool graduate since I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Finally came the day that I graduated from college. This was a good day.

Hug a koala bear.

Go on safari.

Get my own pet.

Live on/near the beach.

Work in a pub in the UK.

See the Eiffel Tower at night.


IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER? Honestly, going to Paris was always “meh, I guess if it’s enroute.” Clearly I suck. Paris is pretty fucking awesome. While we were walking to the Eiffel Tower during the day, it kept hiding behind the tall buildings in front of us. All of a sudden, we turn a corner and BOOM there it is. And…it was…underwhelming, to say the least. It’s this tall, ugly, metal structure that is really unappealing, haha. BUT, then we saw it at night and JESUS GODDAMN CHRIST is it GORGEOUS. It was TOO stunning. So my advice to everyone going to Paris, fuck seeing it during the day, go see other shit that isn’t open at night. GO SEE IT AT NIGHT. Beautiful.

See Everest.

Participate in a protest I give a shit about.

Run with sheep.

See a tornado.

Go deep sea fishing.

Run with the bulls.

See The Long Hall, Trinity College, Dublin.

Ever since I fell in love with Ireland and all things Irish a million years ago, I’ve wanted to see The Long Hall because Library Porn is so good. I love libraries and bookstores. The funkier the better. I could spend YEARS in a library. SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO AND READ. So when I heard about this one and it’s 6 million books, I was like I SHOULD GO SEE. Yeah, definitely maybe almost shed a tear walking into that bitch. Such sexy.

Go to a World Series game.

Go to Temple Bar.


Here is Graeme getting jiggy with it with the locals. HA. I have wanted to go to Temple Bar (which is both an area of Dublin and an actual bar) since I knew how to drink because it is such a killer spot for live music and of course…drinking! This night was SUCH a blast.

Travel across the East Coast of Canada.

Go to a nude beach (and participate).


FUCK. Being naked in public is the best. If you EVER get the opportunity to go buck ass nude in public where there is absolutely no judgement, DO IT. DO IT NOW. It is so goddamn liberating I can’t even stand it. Words Of Wisdom: DON’T FORGET to apply sun screen to your goodies.

Get high in Amsterdam.

Sail on a yacht like a goddamn boss.


Do you know what’s nice? Having friends everywhere. Because we just happen to know really awesome Croatians, we got to go sailing on their beautiful yacht in Croatia for a day of relaxing, swimming, eating, and of course drinking! One of the best parts was, near the end of our adventure, we were sailing through some rough waters which made the yacht feel and look like it was going to tip over. Sailing is not for wimps!

Participate in La Tomatina.

Go to Nepal.

Float in/on the Dead Sea.

Visit my friend Amy in New Zealand.

Eat waffles in Brussels.


I MEAN, COME ON. There are just THINGS you HAVE to do in certain places. Brussels is obviously known for their fabulous waffles, chocolate and 843659846359324568923 types of beer. Brussels is SO awesome. I would highly suggest it to literally everyone. It’s such a funky weird city. GO NOW. EAT WAFFLES.

Get trashed at a winery.

Dive with sharks.

Attend one of the Grand Slams.

bucket list

Do a 30 day yoga challenge.

Set foot on each of the 7 continents: North America, South America,Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, Antarctica.2292_136784840536_5974_n

North America.







22 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Shannon Noel Brady

    I personally wasn’t a fan of skydiving. It feels like getting pummeled by a million angry fists made of wind. Plus the altitude made my ears hurt like the dickens.

    BUNGEE JUMPING is where it’s at!!

    1. Sanna

      Want to feel like you’ve been sky diving without actually doing it? Have someone you hardly know push your head out the window of a moving train. Exactly like tandem sky diving.

    2. Lady Dickson

      Bungee jumping (which I first wrote ‘humping’) sounds like a genuine nightmare to me. Forcing myself to just…..fall….NO. Which I get is literally the same thing as falling out of an airplane but that sounds like a lot easier to do.

      I look at videos of bungee jumping and I get anxiety as they inch closer to their OBVIOUS death.

      1. Shannon Noel Brady

        There’s more that can go wrong with skydiving though! Okay okay I’ll stop ruining it for you. If you want to try it then you definitely should. It’s a unique experience no matter what.

        Bungee jumping is so amazing though. My first jump was terrifying but afterward I couldn’t WAIT to go again. I’ve jumped 6 times. It’s such an incredible feeling.

  2. Jamie

    I love the idea of bucket lists but I just feel like there is never time. I also love all of your accompanying pictures. And I get to say that I have been skydiving! 🙂

  3. allthoughtswork

    I love the format of this About post, very cool. Do sign language as your “other” language, it’s groovy. Love your wedding dress.

    PS: Many of the photos don’t load on this page. (sniff!)

      1. allthoughtswork

        I know, right? I’ve actually had the opportunity to use it, which surprised the hell out of the gay deaf couple I met at Sharper Image. I still finger spell to this day.

        Hey, add Portland, Oregon, to your list, we have a knack for doing crazy things that go straight to You Tube. Plus, our four food groups are beer, coffee, wine, and chocolate. We’re a very athletic bunch.

  4. Shar

    Oktoberfest in Kitchener is pretty fucking awesome! I mean, it’s no Germany, but it’s apparently the second biggest Oktoberfest in the world and that’s good enough for me. 😉

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  6. rosco betunada

    THAT is the best-est wide-est (it’s deafeningly KNOT narrow) bucket list i’ve seen, if not 4-ever, for at least as long as i can remember.
    my bucket list mostly involves living (? sometimes i merely manage) ’til tomorrow. yesterday i wondered if (1) i could drive home (2) put everything away when i got home (3) get ready for the monthly meeting of the “evil brother/sister-hood” (4) survive that. no-body else brought beer (5) i had a glass of wine in the car, anyway (6) make it to the “blues jam” (6) not get thrown out of the Jam, though a former friend who has become a fecal-cranium told me i sucked (7) made it home for (8) the rest of the wine and then some tequila. what a day, eh? however, sometimes i wish i felt like expanding my ever-diminishing horizons to have a bucket list like yours. hopefully i’ll read about it.

  7. Cindy in Oz

    I always love the idea of having a bucket list, but there’s only one thing on it at the moment! Travel around Australia in a caravan (RV?), take photos on my travels and read as many books as possible on beaches, at lookouts, campsites, etc. WHAT R RESPONSIBILITIES, M I RITE?

    Also, koalas aren’t bears. They’re just koalas! Grr. 😉


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