I don’t know how to blorg.

Three days in of owning a blog and I’ve already changed the theme.
The joys of being me.

When it came to planning my wedding, all I did was throw down easy decisions by not looking at a billion options of napkins, dresses, etc. You like this center piece? YES. DONE. How about these cupcakes? SURE. DONE. What about the bridesmaid dresses? COMFORT. DONE.

When it came to traveling Europe, husband Graeme would say “want to go here next?” YEP. DONE.

Usually, big life decisions are very easy for me to decide right away. Mostly because it’s too stressful and anxiety inducing to look at ALL THE OPTIONS! If it sounds good to you, why browse? My life motto is basically that of Nike’s. JUST DO IT.

But when it comes to basic ass shit like HOW TO DESIGN A BLOG, I am forever not going to be happy with the decision I made and will continue to tweak it always. I am super nit picky about everything until my eyes start to bleed and I need to look away. That’s when I shout I DON’T EVEN CARE. Then cry myself to sleep over the thought of an ugly blog.

Just kidding about the crying part. Anxiety is hilarious though.

So yeah, updizzled the blizzog. The reason for it is because I couldn’t figure out how to change the opacity around on the previous one. And then I came to the conclusion that I actually can’t. Haha, great. I’m not rich enough for a More Functioning Blog. Maybe in the new year I will upgrade so I can actually goddamn change some shit around that I want changed, but with Christmas plunging it’s un-lubed dick in my wallet, I can’t just throw out random money at random things.

Thanks Santa.


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