Contouring Vlog – Epic Fail

Jesus Christ.

My friend Jess and I have been chatting about contouring videos a lot lately and how mind blowing it is that you can paint your face and look the bomb dot com. It’s honestly shocking. There are a lot of contouring mistakes out there that make me laugh a lot BUT I thought I would fucking join in on the fails because let’s be real, I AIN’T GONNA BE GOOD AT CONTOURING.

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Here are people who shouldn’t be allowed to hike.

Now that hiking season is over for me (what up snow in the mountains, I don’t want to be in you), it’s time for me to rant about people who hike. We did a bunch of hiking this year and saw a lot of interesting hikers wearing interesting garments.

I’m definitely not an expert in hiking, not by a long shot, but I do have something called common sense that a lot of people on the mountain apparently don’t seem to have. And okay, so hiking common sense is a thing that isn’t expected among humans, but before you go for a hike, maybe enter into the google box ‘hiking for dummies’ or ‘preparing for a hike’ or ‘hiking: are flip flops a thing I should wear?’

Which is a solid segue into person number one who should not be allowed to hike.

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On adulting and bagels.

I suck.

That’s very apparent. It’s been about a month since I’ve written and every once in a while I think to myself, self, you should write and maybe not be the worst blogger ever. But then I also think YEAH BUT SITTING AND DOING NOTHING IS ALSO FUN TOO.

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Craft Beerfest: A drunken review.

Last night, we went to Beerfest, the Craft Beer Festival for some crafty beers in a festival setting. Definitely a place that hasn’t helped me in proper sentence writing. I had planned on only having a couple tasters because having more than 2 pints of beer is a hard pass on my gluten disliking stomach.

Yeah, I…absolutely stuck to that….

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How I was outrun by a 70 year old man…who was walking.

Apparently the runs I do are full of blog worthy mentionings. Mentionings is not a word. Being outrun by someone is definitely something I have been used to my entire life. I will never win a marathon, hell, I will never win a 5K. I like my running like I like everything else in my life: slow as shit without exerting too much energy. I hate trying.

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Carolyn Goes Shopping For Fitness Clothing As If I Don’t Have Enough Already.

There’s a solid title.

Being that I work in ALL things fitness-y and work out a lot, I enjoy wearing fitness clothing basically exclusively. Which is just the best. Tonight, I decided to check out a local watering clothing hole and try some shit on.

Wackiness ensues.

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